What pulley on 03 Cobra?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by ColinDerksen, Dec 12, 2003.

  1. I am ondering what pulley you guys suggest for a 03 Cobra? Should I go with a 2.80 or a 2.93? How much more boost is the 2.80 putting out?
    Also what do you suggest for MAFs and TBs?
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    All I have powerwise is a 2.80 pulley, Superchip and BFG Drag Radials. I am getting 14psi with the 2.80.

    435hp 496TQ

    Next thing Ill do is probably Bassani COmplete exhaust and keep the cats out...trying to pay it off first though.
  3. The 2.80 will produce a little more tourqe from what I've read, but not much of a HP increase. You start going smaller than a 2.93 and you have to look at belt wrap and larger idler pulleys because the initial boost will be there, but at the upper RPM's it'll drop a few lbs due to belt slip.

    Don't waste your time or money on a TB or MAF. There are plenty of '03's out there that are well over 500HP/TQ (KB equipped) that still have the stock MAF & TB. The stock MAF is good to a little over 500 HP and can be modified to handle more if needed. The TB's do flow more CFM than the stock unit, but again unless you have a KB and are putting down 600+HP you'll see little to no gain from adding one.

    My 2 cents

  4. Go 2.8 with a superchips program.

    This Thursday, several magazines wil be on site with my 03 Cobra on one of Superchips brand new Superflow dynos.
    The mod list will be:
    Air filter, exhaust, headers, catted h-pipe, 2.8 upper pulley, accufab, new belt and tensioner, custom superchips program.
    I'll post complete data from the runs when they are done and you'll see articles in some of the mags soon.

    Installing those dynos was a pain in the ass!
    I'm glad it's done.

  5. Don't forget that you'll start to generate more heat too. If you go with a 2.80 or smaller, look into buying a new heat exchanger.
  6. I use the 2.93 with the mods in my sig. I don't have a custom chip or the Predator but use the Afterburner eFPC to tune my air-fuel. I hit 441rwhp/434rwtq SAE with about 2100 miles on the car. My air-fuel starts at about 12.5:1 and gradually works its way down to 11.5:1 by 6500rpm at WOT. Maybe now, with a bit more break-in time (just hit 4,000 miles), I have a few more. No track times yet but will hit the track this spring.
  7. pulley wise there really isnt much difffence between a 2.93 and a 2.80 on a stock HE system. same with a 2.75. my suggestion is a 2.80 and a custom tune for your car.

    as for mass air. leave it stock. unless your going to a KB or a works i would leave the stock mass air on it. all the C&L's really do on a relitivly stock car is lean it out a bit.

    T/B. again unless you really want to get every thing you can out of the car leave it alone. the biggest gain you get out of it is throttle responce on a relitvly stock car.

    PM me if you want more details