What really compliments a supercharger

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by BABstangV6, Dec 26, 2003.

  1. If I was looking to getting a supercharger what would be some stuff to do before getting it on? Nothing to radical :shrug:
  2. As far as what? You could always get better internals but, that might be costly to some.

    Unless you haven't done it already, upgrade your entire exhaust set up. If it can breathe in really easily, make sure it can breathe out equally well.
  3. Someone needs to come out with some better long tube headers.

    Like does a cam really work well? You know just stuff you can do. I really dont know thats why I was asking
  4. BABstangV6:

    It costs alot to have it professionally done but look at porting and polishig your upper and lower intake. Too radical for a novice maybe, but the results with the s/c would be tremendous. A cam might help you out, new r/r's. As was said before a new exhaust setup is a must for optimum power.

    Hope this helps.

    Doc :flag:
  5. Things to help it out.

    Dual Exhuast.
    tlok and gears
  6. Internals, exhaust, cam, intercooler if you haven't already, and a power pipe.

    Whhops, almost forgot, NO2!
  7. nitrous with it!? That would be insane. I would snap my rearend in no time, and I would need a new clutch after a day of driving
  8. Ok, NOS and a rear end, and an improved clutch. Why the hell not NOS? A lot of people are doing that on top of a an SC?
  9. yes a small shot like 25-35 shot to cool the incomming air.also alot of people have blown up the engine easier using both power adders
  10. If you DO get nitrous, don't forget there are a lot of other brands besides good old NAWWWWSSSSSSSSSSS.
  11. Bahh! Go for the bid 150 shot and leave your balls in the rear seat off the line!!!
  12. how much do superchargers cost?
  13. Depends which brand and which supercharger, but generally 3-4 grand. Plus all the stuff you need to get, plus all the stuff you might want to get just for insurance against breakage. It isn't cheap .
  14. I paid $2,440 for the Vortech (brand new) and $940 for the other goodies so I got my whole setup installed and running for less than $3,400. Not too bad, imo.
  15. Dude, like I said in another thread, the MACs get the job done. I've heard alot more success stories than failures. Just keep asking around, you'll find plenty of people happy with them.

    Now, as far as complimentary mods for a blower, I'd have to say a set of LTs and a cam would be an excellent start.
  16. How much boost could I run with forged internals and a 8.8 rearend?
  17. plenty! if that 8.8 is built up and has 31 spline axcels then it could be up to 500-600hp? I think, maybe, ohh wheres bob!
  18. My Car compliments a SC! :D

    Will sing for SC, or give me a SC to stop me from singing.
  19. how bout a sedative, that might stop the singing.