what rear end do you use???

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  1. what rear end do you use and what advantages does it give you??????????

  2. This not being the Tech Section, I'm tempted to reply: "The one I was born with, and it keeps me from being full of...." but that's probably not your intent.

    My present rides have:

    1.)A GM corp 10-bolt (3.00:1) in the Rice-Eating Generic Chevy Truck. I'm thoroughly surprised it has lasted 138k miles the way I beat on it :shrug:EDIT: Pro: It means GREAT gas mileage when running empty on flat ground. CON: When pulling a loaded horse trailer, you clock your 1/4's with a CALENDAR, and the mileage goes in the toilet because you rarely make it to 5th gear :nonono:
    2.) A Dana 60 (3.55) :eek: :nice: in the Ram Quad Cab 1500. I'm amazed Dodge put something that HD in a 1/2-ton. :shrug: CON: What can I say.... it's a Dodge - go buy stock in several refineries!

    Past rides had:

    NINE INCHER's :nice: :nice: :nice:
    1.) 3.00:1 Limited-slip in the Torino (wish it had been much lower to let the Cleveland stretch her legs!)
    2.) 3.56:1 Trac-Loc in the F100... with the built FE trying to swallow a Holley 4150 - whole, it would pass everything but a gas station. (But it could probably pull that gas station behind it down the road without too much sweat) :p

    Still Dreamin'
  3. 8" 2.79 open

    None, unless you love 25 foot pegleg burnouts at one third throttle from a standstill
    Good gas mileage, I guess (i drive it floored whenever i drive it though, so this doesnt' help too much)

    Doesn't get traction
    Doesn't accelerate/rev because the gearing is too numerically low
    Won't stand up to engines I plan on building, in all likely hood
  4. 3.25 to 3.50 best for street use. Mine is a 3.89 but it is not for street use and yes it is a Detroit Locker!

  5. HM.. you say locker.. do you mean limited-slip, because in the style of racing you are in to you do turn a lot.. does the locker hurt it much?
  6. I will be using an 8.8 incher with 3.73's and a POSI when I finally get home from school and get it in there. its gonna be great.
  7. Nope....

    The locker is better for both drag and road racing... You'll burn up the limited slip!

    The locker is free for approx 180 degrees as well. Instead of the clutches coming together on a limited slip, you get gear engaging on a locker. Way better and way more durable.
  8. 57 Ford 9 inch with 4.11 trak lock 4 spyder 28 spine

    Bolted right into my 65FB
    SSBC small bearing brakes bolt right up
    4.11 in combo with my 2.85 first get me out fast and out of first faster
    4 spyder holds power to the ground decent for my stroker in a street car
    28 spline cause it was cheaper than buying new 31 spline axles

    As soon as I put slicks on the car it will break
    4.11 is a large gear, if I did not have OD in the car it would be terrible on the highway
    57 housing although a 9 inch housing, is prob the weakest housing available that bolts into the car...but for $150 including the axles....I will use it till it breaks and then buy a new one.
  9. 8" with 4.11's and just like HistoricMustang, a Detroit Locker!!! Advantages? Twice the traction, or twice the tire smoke. It's a win/win situation here!!! :D
  10. Mine has a 3.20:1
  11. 1967 9" with 3.70:1 Motorsport r&p and a Tru-Trac Lock-Right 31 spline locker. I still need to buy axles though to replace my 28s.
  12. 3.55 in a 8"
  13. Anything over 350-400 horse, go to a 9" with a locker...
  14. 9"...4:56 richmond gears, mark williams 31 spline axles and a strange spool. :D
  15. 'bout the same here....4.57 geared 9" rear with mini-spool :eek:
  16. '68 - 3.00 in open 9" - not much of advantage... wishing for 3.55 and trac-loc

    '94 GT conv - 2.73 in open 8.8 - 24 mpg on highway...

    '00 Pontiac Grand Prix - 3.89 (factory, no kidding) - great acceleration even with 200hp pushrod 3.8L V-6 and still gets upper 20's gas mileage with overdrive.
  17. 9" detroit locker with 4.33 richmond's, 31 spline axles

    Disadvantages: Havent been able to use it while im restoring.