Roush What rims on my Saleen?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by semperfi510, May 24, 2004.

  1. I have a 2000 Cristal white Saleen with blue racing stripes and wondering if anyone has suggestions of rims other than the Saleen's to put on it or has pics of Saleens with other rims?
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  2. The Saleen rims are the best looking rims to me...
  3. Yeah but every Mustang Gt now has them on and I am getting tired of seeing them. Where you live in Fremont? Do you ever post on We should meet if you don't mind so I can measure exactly where the Saleen windshield sticker is at. The previous owner took all the stickers off and I just want to put the winshield one back on.
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  4. Well whatever you do don't make the mistake of selling your Saleen wheels if you swap them out. If you ever decide to sell your car you will want to have the original wheels for it.
    It's almost always a deal breaker for a serious Saleen buyer.
    Sorry, don't have any pic's of Saleen with different wheels. :shrug:
  5. Saleen five spokes are my favorite on a Saleen S281 but if I had another Mustang it would probably be riding on BBS RKs or RK IIs.


    RK II

    Kinda pricey though.
  6. I've been looking for those but they are pricey.
  7. Thats really strange, i have always loved the RKII's. I almost bought a set to use for racing and every day driving, and keep the saleen wheels for shows and if i ever sold it. But i could never find a set for less that $1500. But i saw a set of those on a black faleen once and they looked amazing.
  8. I always wanted the plasma ones but they are all pretty pricey. What is strange though?
  11. Here's the 18" 03 cobra replicas on my faleen.

  12. Definetly don't sell the Saleen rims! Since most Saleens come with rims made by Speedline, I wouldn't put anything else on of lesser quality. Thrown down the money for BBS, Forgeline, or Fikse! I personally don't understand while people put cheap looking replica wheels on their nice stangs. Of course there our many people who put Road Huggers and Big O tires on there rides. :shrug: Your Saleen deserves nothing but the best!
  13. Oh believe me I was not going to put on anything cheaper than the Saleen wheels. I was looking for some used BBS, Iforged, HRE or Boyd Cottington's forged wheels.
  14. I should have elaborated on that strange comment. I find it strange that most saleen owners or observers of my car say i should get the RKII's.

    A buddy of mine has some fikse's on his 993 porsche and i dont really like em. He bought em for track days mainly. BUT HRE..... :hail2:. They look so good. Theres a guy around here with some on 69 z28 with somje big ole bear brakes behind em.

    Another good wheel is the SATIN SSR GT3. I saw some recently on a few cars and they look great on darker cars.
  15. Saleen wheels are the leading edge of stying so if they are getting old to you, just wait till the '05 stying yr begins, perhaps you'll want a set of them?
  16. I love my Saleen wheels it is just that every Mustang I see know has them. I am going to save for some Fiske, Iforged or HRE's. For now I will live with my chrome Saleen's. :nice:
  17. I don't have a Saleen but Kinesis, HRE's and CCW's are real nice. Not cheap but worth the cash. :nice:
  18. CCW is very nice as well as the Kinesis. I am saving for those in the future.
  19. Oh boy. If I could afford it I would have a nice wide set of Fiske's or Kinesis wheels for both of my cars. Both of those companies make phenomanally light, strong wheels.
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