Roush What rims on my Saleen?

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  2. yea i too have been thinking of getting new rims. i really like the stock saleen wheel and they look awsome so i wouldnt be selling them. but they seem really really heavy because of the chrome. i know most chromed rioms are heavy but maybe this isnt the case for the saleen ones. plus they are 18's which add weight. what do you guys think about the SSR Competions? there 12lbs for 17's and 15.5lbs for 18's. thats a very light rim.
  3. SSR are beautiful rims as well but the competitions would not look that great on stang. Look into iforged, BBS, CCWheels, Fiske, HRE's, the new boyd cottington forged line cause they are light and look great. Also Forgeline's are nice. They also have a nice lip. Just my two cents.
  4. alright i will can you give me the websites to these companies or a site that sells the rims? i did a search and only got a few. thanks what do you think about the Steeda Ultralite 2's? in silver or chrome?
  5. You can just do a google search and enter the names I mentioned. Iforged, HRE, Fiske, BBS or CCW wheels. MAya makes a nice wheel too. The steeda ultra lite's would not look good.
  6. i did a yahoo search and i only got like 2 of them ill do a google search in a bit. can someone photochop the ultra light 2's on a dark blue mustang? i dont think it would look that bad
  7. Here we go! :)

    My Car with BBS RK Wheels.

    18x8.5 front with 245's sumitomo and 18x10 with 285's they have a nice lip in the rear and look awesome on a silver car. BTW they are 18 pounds each!

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  8. Those look sweet. :nice:

  9. looks sweet! powder coat them black or gunmetal that would look so sick.
  10. engine performance before looks dude!
  11. He has the looks already. Rims are just the icing on the cake. And lighter rims mean better performance. :nice: