What rpm do you shift at?

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by Gr0und_Fault, Nov 2, 2004.

  1. I was wondering what rpm you all shift at. I still have a stock 95 mustang manual trans, other than the 99+ factory cobra clutch I just put in there. I usually shift around 2k for normal driving, and if I want to get on it, I try to go no higher than 3k, because around 3k, my car kinda stops pulling. I was just curious.....
  2. stops pulln at 3000?

    i dunno about the 95's but my 02 doesnt start pulln till 3000 if i shift at 2 i would be basically stoped.
  3. i have an auto, but i usually accelerate so it shifts at 3500rpm for normal driving

  4. Damn, I find that a bit odd, may be just me though.
  5. I dont know what i shift at when normaily driving. But when i get on it i usually go 3k-3 1/2k. When i GET ON it and go........ 5k. Whatever feels right man. Dont shift By RPMs (well dont go over redline). Shift at feeling, let the force guide you.
  6. Same way here. I rarely go over 3k (highway passing maybe the exception). My car pulls good enough from 2k to 3k.
  7. Yeah...2 to 3k for me.
  8. Thanks for the replies everyone. I just wanted to see how I compare to other V6 owners here.
  9. something must be messed up w/ my car then...or i cant stand accelerating like a grandma, because my car dont "get up and go" at all if i dont hit at least 3300-3500rpm
  10. I go 2k for normal driving. When I really want it to pull though I go by feel.
  11. When I dyno'ed mine the horsepower peaked a little over 3K and stayed fairly steady on through the apparently speed limited 4300ish. It definately began dipping after that, but not much. This meaning pre-99's have no need to go much past 4K for any reason. You may want to shift there so you end up where the power is when you shift. Kinda sucks having the rpm range of a diesel. Torque maxxed around 2200 and dropped off steadily after that.
  12. pre 99s peak at 4800... shift at 5k ... you may want to shift at 5200 but ... i doubt it will do anything for you. i would only shift at 5k due to the rpms will be a little higher when you get to the next gear.

  13. redline on pre-99's is 4750, our peak trq is at ~2800rpms and peak HP is at ~4000rpms, this is all according to factory specs. We can't even reach 5k rpms.
  14. well my 97 would get to 5k+ pretty easy not that it does you anygood....
  15. normal driving like 3k because of the converter.

    hard driving 6k.
  16. what is up with these people going over redline? wtf!? 6k!
  17. when your modified and actually make power all the way up to 6k you shift there. :rolleyes:
  18. That's a nice quarter

  19. unless your cammed and have heads, no point in going to 6k. but like I said stock is 4750.
  20. its funny how many ignorent people out there think the higher the rpms the faster the car will be... shifting at 6k on a car that peaks at 4800 will make your times slower not faster.... 4800 is so low that shifting higher will help... but not much more than 5k.... i shift my 01 at 5500 and 5700 in 2nd to help over 3rds hump since the rpm gauge sucks i knock it back 200rpms to be safe.