What rpm do you shift at?

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by Gr0und_Fault, Nov 2, 2004.

  1. ah, I shift just before the rev limiter, which it just a little in the red,
    drive it the way it is ment to be driven, like you stole it.
  2. You can shift at redline and I will shift at peak power and then you can see what an identical car running faster than you looks like :) but.... do keep in mind on the 01+ the peak power is at 5500... which is not represented by the gauges.... which shows the redline at 5250... just a ford "im to cheap to change it" moment.
  3. normal driving I shift just a little over 2,000 rpms. Otherwise I shift when the boost gauge maxes out, hehe
  4. rev limiter on 94-98 is 5200 not 4750

    shift point on the AODE is 4500 on the 94-98. locked in second it can hit 5200

    i shift at 6000 rev limit at 6500. but i have the mods to do it
  5. driving white...shift around 3ish and then when ur driving like u stole it, shift just before redline.
  6. hell im a grandpa...i shift around if not under 2,000 rpms. lol. you hit peak torque at 2800 rpms...so i dont see a need of going that much.
  7. yoru confused.... very confused..... just because the rev limiter is at 5200 on pre 99s does not mean you should shift there, the peak power for the motor is at 4750 which means you shift closer to that unless you simply like running slower times at the track and ragging on your motor for no real reason what so ever (unless you have a power adder or what not... but anywhere near stock with stock cam specs its worthless)

    if you shift at 6k on a 99+ v6 you are again wasting your time 5500 is the max for 01+ to shift at for the best performance. you may can hold second a tad longer to help over the hump into 3rd.
  8. Ahh, I usually shift it at about 2.2-2.5 or so when I'm just being lazy. When I want to goose it, I'll pull it to a smidge over 5K (cant go higher til we get these bugs worked out).
  9. Someone finally starts
    to make sense! :nice:
  10. for a stock car I agree.
  11. i never said you should shift at 5200. all i said is factory rev limit is set at 5200 and shift points at 4500

    i am in agreement with you on where to shift with a stock setup
  12. I am under the opinion that you want to shift to where the engine will be about peaking in hp/torque when you go into the next gear, i think around 4500 is around the time, that way when you hit the next gear, the engine is usually ~2500 and peaking hp..

    Thats my guess, and each gear is a little different.

    I am right on the shifting INTO the peak hp, correct?
  13. I also have a '95 and I shift at or a little over 2k for normal driving. When I'm going, its usually no higher than 4k cause after that it accelerates like my buddy's civic... nadda
  14. shifting at around 3k will give you your best shift point for regular driving if you like to push it a lil just to be a bad @$$. This is because max torque for the v6 is at around 2,700 rpms. 220ft/lbs in 99+ i believe, not sure on 98's and such. if you want to get on it, shifting at around 5,200 will be the best shift point, your hp and torque drops dramatically at 5,500; so try to avoid redlining it.