what seats fit?

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  1. Hi I'm new to the mustang thing and need a lot of help. so thanks in advance. I am changing the interior of my 76 coupe to tan and want nicer seats. My budget dictatates junk yard hunting, so anyone know what fits good with seat belts and what's up with the stock seat belts. They don't reach across me and I'm not a big guy, need help there to!
    thank you, Doc
  2. Pretty much any Mustang seat will fit, once you get the brackets figured out. It used to be that the hot ticket for a II was the Escort GT seats. However, those are getting few and far between anymore, and are usually garbage when you do find one. I had some Honda CRX seats I was going to try to use, but where the brackets mount, they were much higher on one side than the other, and I never got around to fabricating something. I sold those and found some sweet '98 Mustang GT leather seats for a good price. Hope to get them installed in my '78 King very soon. Good luck.
  3. I have a set of fox body Gt seats in mine but find the seating position is quite high. Make sure you use what ever brackets lower the seat height the most.
  4. thanx guys, I've put in a set of seats that are ford and was told that they are mustang's . They mounted to the stock rails with only one hole in ea. seat needing to be drilled. but they are so wide that I had to take out the seat belt mount from the threshold area. So I guess its back to looking, maybe a trip to a used car lot with a tape measure so I know what to look for. :D
    thanx again!
  5. If you want to sit low, pay attention to width. MII are very narrow between door sill and tunnel. I tried a set of Honda prelude seats but they were too wide. Recaro's are pretty narrow and you can find them in several production cars, VW Jetta's, BMW's, some Pontiac Firebirds etc. They are comfortable, adjustable and have good lateral bolsters. I see these seat quite often in the local Pick-A-Parts for $50 apiece. Usually need to be recovered, but I don't think that a problem because I want them to match they rest of the interior.
  6. 79-93 Mustang seats fit the original mustang II seat brackets. Two holes in the seat have to be drilled and tapped. The seats have un-machined boss' for holes already there, it is like it was designed to fit.

    82-90 Escort GT or Lynx Seats fit too 82-87 (same deal)

    83-88 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe and Cougar XR7 seats also fit (same deal)

    Those are the only Three I have confirmed.

    Mustang II seatbelts work as intended with no modification for all the seats listed.

    Happy hunting:D
  7. Do you know if the MII seat brackets sit the seat lower than the 79-93's ?
    I find that the seats I installed from that era sit quite high.
    I might look for some Escort GT seats next.
  8. Putter:

    With the Fox/scourt/T-bird (Recaro style) seats in the car with the Mustang II seat tracks the seats are the same if not a little lower then stock. :D

    Merc Lynx RS seats (Mercury version of the Escort GT)

    Mercury Cougar XR-7 Turbo Seats
    (Same as T-bird Turbo coupe and very similar to Fox Mustang)

    (they had the covers removed, I was going to have them re-done)

  9. I actually have a set of Pontiac sunfire seats from a 95 sunfire I believe.

    By using the original seat tracks and redrilling the holes, they fit perfectly. They slide and recline and fold foward just fine. Not too tall, and not so darn short like the oe seats.

    Now, If I could only get the motor in the car and finish putting back together..............
  10. I picked up a set of earlier Pinto hi-back buckets. They look very similiar to the hi-backs used on the '69 Dlx and 70-73 std. interior Mustangs, just narrower to fit better in the II floorpan. I have yet to exchange my seat track to see if they line up, holes and all, but I'm guessing since they are Pinto seats, they are probably a drop-in ordeal.
  11. I was interested in the post by rufus13, does anyone know if all you have to do is drill out the floor mount holes and can use sunfire seats in your mustang?