What Shall I Do?

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  1. Well....i'm trying to decide on my next car....here is what i was thinking:

    -Fox body Notch (coupe if you will :rolleyes: )
    -Fox GT hatch
    -SVO (black!) :nice: (2.3 turbo, weigh 2998 pounds!)
    -Keep current car dipshtt :rlaugh:

    Please list pros/cons/personal opinions of each :flag:

    Here are some pics!
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    View attachment 517100

    BTW-i have that poster....its teh win :nice:
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  3. I thought you were deciding you were going to keep it?

    whatever you can pick up that faster for the same price :D
  4. well....i got a guy coming in about 10 minutes :flag:
  5. :banana: good luck with the potenial buyer
  6. thanks

    he now just left to get his wifey....this could be it :D
  7. Jeez sell your car already, buy a honda and quit whining to us about it. :p
  8. I would keep what you have. Our cars, better frame, ABS, 4 wheel disc, dual air bags, etc. over the FOX. Not many of us either.
  9. I'll let you know at about 6:45 CST if the guys gonna buy it or not....he'll be here at 6:30!!!!!!
  10. UPDATE!!!

    the guy offered $5000, i said that was a little too low, he said he'll think about it :D
    If he's "firm" at $5000, then i'll take it....i'm shooting for $5300 :shrug:
  11. goodluck selling your car. personally i like the sn95 body style better, but if your getting i fox, i like the LX hatchbacks...i dont know why, but instead of the stock pony wheels on it, i would put some waffles from an SN95, keeps it looking stock, but a little updated. thats me though
    i like that notch with the fr500s a lot though
  12. Why would you down grade body/chassis/interior/brake wise I still don't get it?
  13. Thanks :nice:
    that guy with the coupe is named Brad....search for turbocharged mustang on google and guess who comes up :D