What should I do? Please help...trans issues(Rick91GT Please look in)

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by BlownStangGT, Dec 4, 2003.

  1. Ok, my car has some tranny issues. It mostly likely needs the synchros replaced and the forks are bent cause when I start out in first gear it will most of the time pop out, but some times it stays in. Also it will pop out of 3rd gear once in a while while I am driving. Also, if I just turn the car on, and put it in 4th before I go to reverse to back out, it will lock in 4th gear and I need to push the shiftr foward, let the clutch out a little and it will grnd for a second then pop out of 4th. So I know its the forks. I think that the gears are fine but I am not sure. I am afraid to have it rebuilt (By Rick91GT) and find out it needs new gears then I am even more screwed, but it might not. How hard is it for someone to replace the forks? I dont know if I should send it to get rebuilt or just get another t5, but I dont know If i Can find anothr good tranny for around 400 bux or less. The problem is this is my daily driver and I cant have it sitting without being to drive it sicne I go to school 2 hours away from home. What do you guys think?

    PS...rick...what are the chances my gears r shot? They have ground a couple of times but I dont think anything to bad
  2. Only true way to tell is tear it apart :shrug: what does the fluid look like? Popping out of gear is most likely the syncros and you probably have some bent blocker rings from power shifting.

    If you have to drive the car the best option is to pick one up and swap them and have a good one built, or it's time to upgrade to something stronger since you plan on more power....Tremec.
  3. yeah eventually I want to go with a tremmic...but as of now for about a year or so I want to find a trans that will hold me over that actually will let me pull out in 1st. Should I just get a t-bird turbo coupe tranny for the time being, i heard they last a decetn amount of time