Mach 1 What should I do to the Mach next???

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by EPIK, Jul 10, 2007.

  1. Well in a few weeks I will be finally done with my suspension when I install the rear coilovers & torque arm in the mach... Now that my handling & grip will be on point, I finally need to get some more power to the wheels. I dont really want to waste my time with bolt ons, I want some major bang for the buck. Of course what I really want is a KB, but I dont have the money yet, but I will probably be going that route once money permits.

    Heads & cams would be nice, but thats pricey & the bang for the buck wouldnt be as great as the blower. On the other hand it would be more reliable than the KB, & would last alot longer. Although most blowers are smog legal in CA, heads & aggressive cams probably wouldnt be.

    Another thing I was thinking of that would be a great bang for the buck would be nitrous. What do u guys think of that? How much would it be for a good, safe kit, & how much rwhp am i gonna get?

    I have been wanting to do 4:10's, but only if Im gonna stay n/a. I wouldnt want to have 4:10's if I was gonna get a KB.

    Anyway, what mod do u guys think I should do next????

    BTW, my current mods are in my sig...Thanks
  2. If you can do the gears yourself or for a good price do that, along with beefing up the whole rear. Soon as I have the time thats what I plan on, even before exhaust.
  3. I am definately looking into beefing up the rear soon, & thinking about getting a better clutch soon since my TOB is making so much noise....Im not sure about the gears yet until i figure out which direction I wanna go...N/A or F/I???
  4. Long tube headers add good power
    Nitrous is best bang for the buck.

    4.10 gears are great for making the car pull stronger.

    Cheapest power is to remove h pipe and replace with o/r h pipe.
  5. If you go with ported heads they'll work with the blower plus add power in the meantime. Seems to me your coming to a crossroads where it takes some decent money to move up in performance. Might be better to wait and save to avoid doing anything twice or wasting money and time on something your gonna take off later anyhow. :shrug:
  6. 4.10s for sure. I also had a tuner tweak my stock tune a bit for $100. There wasnt much increase in the max hp/tq but he got the power to come on sooner, which was a decent sotp mod.