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  1. Ok I found out this morning that my old mustang is for sale, she called me last night to give me the news. I realy love this car, and miss it badly. But here is the part that is making it hard on me. The thing is in pretty ruff shape now: busted out tail lights, torn top, blown tranny, and pealing clear coat. I built this car with my own blood swet and tears, I put my heart and sole in it. and it kills me to see it go out like this. She wants more than the car is worth, but not too much that I wont consider it. so what should I do?

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  2. I would talk her down and buy the car
  3. +1! I would hate to see my notch down, and would do anything to help it!
  4. I wouldn't pay more than it's worth, or get it if you have no reason to have it...sentimental or not, it's just a car in rough shape.
  5. just to let yall know, I didnt get the car. It hurt a little at first but then I drove my t-bird and I feel better now.
    Thanks for the input.