What should i do

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  1. So i have a 03 cobra im just looking to see what i could do to give it a lil more power i got magnaflow catback exhaust cold air intake and lightweight pullys what should i do without spending an a$$ ton of money to get that lil bit of power im looking for??
  2. cobra

    do you have a hand held tuner?

    i have a predator ,mine is stock other than exhaust..had car on the dyno and found 20hp with just performance tune...

    got predator on ebay for 50 bucks

    cant think of much more for cheap upgrades

    CAUTION..i see this is your first post... WELCOME ,,,read more about these cars..

    we wont add anymore ,to many people with so many problems
  3. ported blower
    2.7 pulley if you do a pulley change your heat exchanger but huge power gain here
    jlt intake
    just these few thing's and this car is unreal in how well it preforms