what should i get??? exhaust??? cat converter??

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  1. i have an 89lx 2.3l mustang ok heres the deal my cat converter is about to go out i can hear it...... i want to get a new exaust system for cheap.............. im looking to only have one tail pipe(unless there is any easy way to convert to having 2 pipes) and i want it to make a muscle noise all for a very cheap price im talking 200$ bucks..................... maybe a little more thanx............................
  2. you can get duel pipes but ive never seen it be done for less than 350. not sure were you live but i would just remove the cat and put a turbo muffler and you are not going to be able to get a muscle noise from the 2.3 hope this helps
  3. how can you hear your cat going out?

  4. You have not heard my car...:nono:
  5. The pet door squeaks a little when kitty goes out, you can hear it all the way upstairs in the bedroom, spray a little WD-40 on it will ya?
  6. Why do noobs always feel like they have to post the same question in both forums?
  7. What is there now about 6 topics about exhaust?
  8. I dunno. I'm starting to think people sometimes post without even looking at what other posts are already up.
  9. I like the newbs! They make me feel smart! HaHa, we were all there once, that's what I try to tell myself. But all these exhaust posts are silly, especially when I have posted the same ones numerous times before.