What should I pay for this?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by bobbylx, Jul 21, 2004.

  1. Hello all, well I am currently an 88 LX guy but have a good lead on 1996 Cobra. The guy selling it is the orignal owner, has kept it garaged, it's black and has about 8,500 miles on it. The car belongs to a co-worker of mines husband, and she told me to come by and look at it and make an offer. She said that they will give me a good deal. I have looked it up in NADA and Kelley Blue Book and they say anywhere between 10,500 and 12,000. I thought it would be more, but what do you Cobra people think I should offer for this car in the real world? :rolleyes:
  2. If the car looks good, I would say its worth up to 13k.
  3. Offer 'em 11,500, low ball 'em a bit, KBB puts it at 10,500. But with those low of miles, thats a good deal. I say offer 11,500 or 12K of course they'lll say 13,500 or 14K, but then you'll end up right in the middle, which is a good deal. Good luck on the snake huntin' Look forward to another 96 Snake on the board!
  4. Sounds like it could be a nice car. 8,500 miles or not, the thing is still nearing TEN years old. Personally, the most I would ever pay for the car would be KBB value, but I dont really care for the 96-98 cars. If you really like it and would be happy owning it, well 12.5k or 13 wouldnt be too bad for it, given its mileage.

    But still- the thing is getting really old. Keep that in mind while you look at it.
  5. Car is worth 13k easy
  6. That Cobra has some low miles!...I would expect the owners to ask AT LEAST 14K for it. Go luck!

  7. If they want any more than 13K, forget it and buy a 99+ for a few more bucks. You get a newer car, with more power. Although I doubt you'll ever find a car with lower miles on it!
  8. sorry for digging up an older post but I think you sould go for it if you have not. That is a very good deal and some poeple just perfer the '96-'98 snakes. I reciently bought a 1996 Mystic cobra with 45K miles on it for $13,000. It may be a nine year old car but if taken well care of and that low of miles, it should not matter. Mine drives like a charm
  9. i just bought my 96 cobra for 13,500. the blue book on it was 12900. it has 37k miles on it and its mint condition.