What should I put in a 1998 GT roller?


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May 10, 2019
Ok so I have a 1998 GT roller, car originally had a 5 speed and I plan to keep it that way. Has no engine, transmission or ecu so its basically a clean slate. Just want to know if it would be worth it to just get an NPI block PI heads and a T-45. But as far as I know this is a pretty limited setup for HP numbers unless you dump a ton of money into it. So then i was thinking about a 1998 COBRA swap into it so i guess the question is would a 1998 cobra engine and 5 speed manual trans bolt into a 1998 GT? I just want everything to go together with the least amount of headache as possible and dont want to butcher wiring harnesses or crossmembers to get everything to fit and not have the dash lit up with trouble lights. alot of these engines are different in small ways like where they place sensors and the amount of sensors engine to engine.
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