What should I use to remove the side stripes?

Discussion in '2005 - 2014 Specific V6 Tech' started by Maija1, Nov 17, 2005.

  1. I have a 2006 Tungsten Pony package, I don't like the MUSTANG side stripes/decal because I personally think the car would like better without it. Have any of you removed your stripes? How should I go about doing this without [email protected] up my paint?
  2. I believe you can get it off with a little heat from a hair dryer... just take it nice and easy...
  3. Hair dryer if needed and fingernail only No knife.
    Mine came off easily.
  4. Thanks for the advice guys.
  5. The body shop supply stores sell what's called an 'Eraser' that is a drill attachment tool that literally erases the stripes, decals, old trunk lid dealer stickers.

    I've used this for years in my detail business and it works great without scratching or damaging the paint. You can only use it against metal.

    Costs about $15.

    If you try this, remove the stripe vinyl only and then go back with a solvent (NAPA cleanz-eeze) and remove the rest of the old adhesive. Don't try to remove everything (vinyl & adhesive) all at once. Use it slow speed on a drill and as you see how it works you can speed it up. It would take me about 40 mins. to remove both sides, as long as it's against a metal surface.