What should my first mod be?

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  1. Just looking car over...what do you think the first mod should be?
  2. NAWWS!!!!! No really a nice n.o.s kit. I have two bottles on a stock 5.0 using a 150 shot, and its great for the money. You can find used and new kits on ebay all day long from 90 to 300. But just me.
  3. umm Maybe a MOTOR??
  4. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

    That would have to be a first!!
  5. then followed by Portmasters' suck-n-flush porting sand.
    Just start the car hook the intake pipe to the 25# bag and rev until it all is sucked in. Then drive until it all blows out. This a great new technology that allows you to port and polish CAI,TB,TB SPACER,heads, remove carbon deposits from the valves and pistons, hone the cylinders, and keep your exaust system clean on the inside........

    Followed up by some Muthers High Flow Polishing compund.Youll gain 50-175 hp! LOL
  6. OK DONE :)......NEXT?
  7. I dunno I cant see a dang thing. anyone got some sunglasses??
  8. To think I'm getting paid for this...good times..good times.
  9. I am too Kinda. Im on Vacation this week. So im just playing around.
  10. That engine is a joke!! you need a tjc-2000 out of a civc , those are fast!!!
  11. Naw VTECH R
  12. Thinkin the infamous dogde 2.5 liter turbo transplant.
  13. You could clean it up a little, Pigpen.
  14. Get a gt-r badge too
  15. You're just mad because you can't find your wires on yours ;)
  16. I'm only mad, because you think that slow car could beat my escort wagan!!! 1.9 for life!!!!
  17. I don't street race so stop asking me..you get in trouble on here for that kind of stuff.

  18. Im not asking to race. Because I know my car is faster!!! So go a head and back down now!!!
  19. Back down nothin..meet me after school at the park..IT'S ON ******.