What should my first mod be?

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  1. Oh it on then... Me and my boys are there!! Your totaled man!!!
  2. considering a head swap..keeping my drivers side Eddy head and running the famous ARF 165 on the other side...want to see which side of the car pulls harder.
  3. great idea.. You know my buddy done a HP test with plug wires.

    With plug wires it made 375hp with out plug wires it made 0hp
    the consensus was plug wires are worth 375 hp!

  4. HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Thats one of the funnest things I heard!!!
  5. thats funny right there.
  6. I ran the same test...190# walbro pump verses squirrel and straw...made near same numbers on the dyno till near 3000...then the walbro took over by a landslide.
  7. If you guys add that to my battery (400HP), we can build a 1000+HP car!
  8. OPTIMA RULES!!!!!..wish I had one, I aint got jack.
  9. I got one. It starts ery time!
  10. Batteries are for wimps. Push start that bad boy (once you get an engine)
  11. Two AA+ rum my pony
  12. You're missing a Kenne Bell in there somewhere...

    Seriosly DMAN, F U. Every time I see your damn car, I feel like turning my car into a DMAN Clone. :D
  13. Gee thanks for everything except the F and the U part :)
  14. I like your dog.
  15. MOTOR?????

    motor= electric powered
    engine= gas powered

    so in this cause it would be a engine

    dont mind me im just picking. day has been ****ty:notnice:
  16. lol, and when I say F U, I mean it in the "****, I'm so jealous of you!" way. :D

    Someday, I hope to be able to sex my car up as much as you have. :flag: :flag: :flag:
  17. ^ Fix that before a mod sees that and ur :ban: :nice:
  18. Good catch. :nice:

    I thought it would have been automatically filtered? :shrug:
  19. :nonono: Lord, god bless the starving pigmies in New Guinea
  20. SINNER!!!SINNER!!!