What size diameter tips for dumps?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by 86Five-0, Dec 16, 2003.

  1. I need some tips for my mufflers and don't wanna spend $ for tails besides I kinda like the sound. The mufflers I have are unknown replacement mufflers 2 1/4" they were on the car when I bought it. Just says made in USA and have a part # 41xxx can't remember. Pretty sure they're stainless though but by lookin inside they look like regular cheepo "turbo" mufflers. I just swapped the original system back in cause I'm sellin the old setup. Anyway I got a pair of 2 1/4" flared tips to use but they don't fit. They just match up to the openings on the mufflers. Should I go with 2"?
  2. nou dont want to fit inside the muffler. u always want stuff to fit over the outside...the way they sell them u should just have to buy the Same size..in your case 2 1/4 and they should be made with a little flare on teh end so thy can slip over...if yours dont look for another kind.
  3. I see what you're saying. But my Flowmaster cat-back I had on for example, the tailpips slipped inside the mufflers. :shrug: And these mufflers I have on the car now looks like they were the same way, I can't remember how the original tails were on cause one of them rusted through so I just chucked them. But the mufflers have sorta "opened" up ends, wider than the actual inlet/outlet that goes through the muffler, know what I mean? I'll just go back to Advanced tomorrow and return these and play around with a different size and find one that fits. I also saw these chromed tips that go bolted on, but was iffy about them cause they have these screws that hold them to the pipe.
  4. the inlet and outlet of the mufflers are slightly oversized so that the pipe will slide in. They should have done it the other way but it's no big deal. If you want it on the out side you can have a muffler shop flare it to go on the our side. This is what I just did with some 3 inch dumps on a set of flowmasters.