What size injectors do I need?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by mustang20010, Dec 4, 2003.

  1. I just put up my Pro-M 80mm mass air, 38lb injectors, and MSD 6AL BTM on eBay because I decided to go with the Anderson Ford Motorsports PMS system. My question is, for my combo listed below, are 42lb injectors big enough? Or do I need more like 50lb? I've heard that the biggest the stock EEC IV processor can run are 50s.

    DSS Pro Bullet 306
    AFR 185
    Holley SysteMAX
    70mm TB
    NOVI 2000 @ ~15psi
    Aeromotive Competition fuel system

    I hate to get rid of my parts, they've got under 1500 miles on them and the MSD is brand new. I never even got around to installing it. I just figure for the supercharger and my other mods, and considering I'm really shooting for 550rwhp or so, and still keeping longevity of the engine in mind, it seems like the PMS is the better choice.

    What do you guys think? Anyone have any experience with the PMS?

  2. If I were in your postion I would put the 50's in.. Never used the PMS or no anyone that has.. I think the MSD is damn good and the BTM would be the best to use with a supercharger if your not running a intercooler.. I'd also keep the pro M and just have it recalibrated for the other injectors.. and also get a dyno tune.. You can probably make a little more then 550 at the wheels with a good tune
  3. What is the advantage of the PMS system over what you have?
  4. Well, with the BTM I'd be just fine as far as tuning my timing, but the PMS allows MUCH more adjustment that that. Air/fuel ratio is fully adjustable, timing, boost, everything. As well as it can monitor your O2 sensors, among many other things.

    The reason I'm selling my MSD on eBay is simply because having a boost retard device on my ignition AND running the PMS is kind of pointless.

    Any driveability problems with 50s?
  5. Well if you get the car tuned with a chip you shouldn't have any drivablility problems with the injectors
  6. yooo 80mm and 30#ers is what i need..ill drop ya an email right away. :banana:
  7. no email...drop me one then..
  8. I've got over 30 years experience with PMS, but I don't think it's gonna help you.