What size injectors?

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by 65inworks, Dec 7, 2003.

  1. I have a 94 gt that has a vortech s-trim and upgraded fuel system. I do not know what size injectors are on it. I would like to up the boost and I need to know if I need new injectors. Is there anytway to tell what size they are without taking them off. By the way I am only getting about 8-10 mpg.

    thanks, Nick
  2. what color are the injectors?
  3. Injectors are color coded. What color are they. If they are orange, you have the stock injectors 19LB. I can't remember the colors for the rest of them.

    BTW, your MPG is really horrible. Did you just buy the car? If so, you have a serious problem. You need to do a tune up, at the bare minimum. Have you ran the codes?

    8-10 is obscene for a EFI car. Even if you are a leadfoot, you shouldn't be getting that bad of MPG.

    BTW, fix the car before you turn up the boost. Blown motors are usually due to a bad tune.
  4. Orange-19's
    Blue (light)-24's
    Blue (dark)-36's
    Green (lime)-42's
  5. Actually in my experience, higher hp cars (those with bigger injectors and fuel pumps) get right around 8-10mpg. These are cars that are 500+rwhp though (edit: nm i just read his signature lol, he can't be making anywhere near that kind of power...). I can't imagine you would be able to run that car on stock injectors so you can be pretty much guaranteed that they aren't 19lbs :p Check the color like previously said. Also what kind of power are you making, you can usually figure out what injectors you are going to need by the amount of hp you make (its a good estimate anyways....).