What Size Nitto's Should I Get For These Rims?

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  1. Hello all,

    Pretty straight-forward, but what size tires should I throw on my 92' notch? I'd like drag radials in the back and I'm placing new Pony R's on the car, and here's the sizes I'm rolling with:

    2 - 17x6.5 chrome 4-lg 8.9mm offset (front)

    2 - 17x9 chrome 4-lug 23.8mm offset (rear)

    any feedback would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance. Time to swap out the ol' Convo Pro's


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  2. 245 front 275 rear
  3. 245 is a tad wide for 6.5" wheel is it not?
  4. I would prefer something a little narrower than that in front, any other ideas?
  5. i would look at a 225 45 or maybe even a 215
  6. I'd do 215's in the front and 275-40/17 in rear. My nittos fit well in that size