What size pipe(Dynomax) and which muffler??

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by 89FiveOhGT, Dec 21, 2003.

  1. Well the sound bug has bitten me again and its time for lil mor aggressive sound on the ol Cobra. It still has the stock catted H-Pipe but I have JBA Shorty Headers and a Dynomax Catback.

    The question here i guess is does the dynomax have the 2 ¼" pipe or is it 2 ½" ? I know this sounds dumb and I should know this but I bought the car with the dynomax already on there so I'm not sure what size it is exactly.

    Second question is I had flowmasters on my 89 GT and loved it didn't mine the drone at all. It still had stock headers but it had a Hi-Flo Catted H-Pipe.

    Should I go with the flows or should I try something else. All I really want is more aggressive tone. Keep in mind I'm only buying the mufflers. Will the flows pretty much attach right where the dynomax's mufflers were? I have 3.73 gears as well.

    I've tried doing a search on the Warlocks but saw they rust easy is this true. Thanks for you help and I'm open to any good suggestions of what to go with as well. Thanks

  2. Just measure the pipe to come up with the diameter. I'm pretty sure Dynomax makes/made 2.25" and 2.5" systems so who knows. You said you had Flows with no drone? I'm assuming you had the 3chambered mufflers. I had the 2 chambered mufflers with an offroad Hpipe and it droned quite a bit at 2k rpms. But if you want an aggressive sound, 2 chambered Flowmasters would get the job done but will most likely drone. If I had to do my cat-back over again I'd try out Mac, they sound badass. Go to www.Mustangexhaust.com and listen for yourself, it's a great site and has plenty of combos to listen too. :nice:
  3. no there was drone it just didn't bother me but that was on my 89GT i have a 94 Cobra now