what size stripes for a 98?

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  2. Skip out on the x-pipe or h-pipe and just get the exhaust shop to fab you up straight pipes. :drool:
  3. ^^that is what im probably gona do. was my original plan. probably cheaper eh?

    saw the car today. ima get it pretty soon. looks pretty nice. i will get some pics once i get it home.
  4. if you have the magnaflows you will get a better sound with an x-pipe than an h or straight pipes
  5. I have magnaflows with straight pipes and I have a friend with magnaflows with an x-pipe. I honestly can't tell the difference between the two.

    But yeah, alot it's cheaper. The guy that fabbed my mid-pipe charged about $75 for material and labor. I would've had him fab the entire system but he really didn't want to bend the pipe to go over the axel. I have a Saleen rear so it would've been tough to line it all up with the slots.

    Bent pipe is bent pipe.
  6. i have it with an x and a friend has it with an h and the h definitely sounds like its choking up the sound. i havent heard it with the straight pipes, but they say with that type of muffler to get x over h.

    on a side note, AP, how low is your car with the saleen body kit?
  7. Surprisingly, the Saleen kit doesn't offer much in the way of lowering the stance of the car. I would say the front bumper is maybe .5" lower than the stock bumper.

    I'll be switching over to an x-pipe shortly since I have a 302 longblock setting in my bedroom. I'm a few electrical parts away from dropping that baby in :) My dad has straight pipes on his 305, and it sounds pretty good, too.
  8. i will probably go with the straight pipes. i just want it to sound better than stock. anything is better than stock.
    no pics today. got my new rear tires on and my dad ran out of time to bring teh car to my house. so hopefully pics tomorrow.
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  10. looks good. i especially like how there is no grill...looks clean.
  11. That looks a lot better than I thought it would! I like how you went all the way down on both sides.. some people only do the top part and the main bumper, leaving the lower parts with no stripes. I hate that. Yours looks very nice.. you know what that car is crying out for now? Clear Cobra headlights, and GT or Cobra wheels. Wow, when I look at that, I start rubbing my chin, looking at my own car... how much did that cost you? Painted on or decals?
  12. My thoughts also, god I hate those triangle rims, what was Ford thinking? And cover up those naked windows! LOL!

    Those stripes look really good!
  13. i've always wanted racing stripes too maybe with some boss stripes on the side:D def white with our red stangs too
    also no one commented on the pinstripes def looks good
  14. Very nice looking. What I think would look awesome is if you go and buy some vinyl decals for the MUSTANG along the back - get one set blue and one set white. where the white paint is, put the blue letters, and where the blue stripes are, use the white letters. Looks awesome though :)
  15. heck yeah... I have always wanted bright red with white "skunk" stripes. If I got those, the only thing lacking on the outside of my car would be chrome Cobra wheels with red Bullitt brakes.. :drool: then I could jazz up the interior and engine compartment.
  16. well here is the deal.
    im 15 1/2 i dont even have my permit yet. haha. bet some of you guys hate me now. :D
    well thats not even the worst of it. i got this car for 2 grand. the fender was smashed and the side needed some body work but it only took about 300 in parts to get it all together (oil, filters, fender, lights, etc.)
    we took it down to the body shop and they aligned the fender and hood, did some bodywork on the left side of the car (there was even a really strange hole in the door jam), repainted it white, sprayed some stripes on (no decals for me :nono: ), then cleared it all. price? $900 sweet deal? yes.
    as for upgrades, first will be some dual exhast. then interior with some white faced guages and a shift knob, i also need some floor mats (black would be nice) since i had to throw away the old ones. i need a matching headlight because the left one is faded and i need a new right mirror because it is cracked. then i get to save up for some Bullit style wheels or maybe some
    FR500 style wheels.
    all this will be a long process because i have no job and recently spent a large portion of my money on my other love, my crf450x dirtbike. (funny thing is my bike cost over 3 times as much as my car :eek: glad that one was a present)
    i will take donations into my paypal account :D (i can mow your lawn or detail your car haha)
    thanks you all. keep the comments and sugestions coming.
  17. Only 900, huh? nice.. you've got yourself a really good deal, and you're on the right track with the mods you're planning. Dual exhaust will make a major difference, especially with looks and sound, and so will new wheels. I like the white-faced instruments too. Just keep at it, bit by bit.. by the time you're a senior in high school you will have a pretty sweet ride! (you already do) Anyway, check out my garage pics, my car has most of the stuff you are looking at getting.
  18. haha i'm a senior in HS and have been planning to do stuff on my car since i was a sophomore... ohwell though as long as you stick to it you will be able to get your ideas done, whereas paintball and backpacking both stole money from my car:(. Oh well i am sellin the PB gun and hopefully gettin new headlights and a chin spoiler w/ the money. depending on how much i get out of the gun it may be enough for exhaust though...
  19. haha i know what you mean. i am into paintball, dirtbikes, and R/C cars (basicly out of that), im done spending money on everything. all my cash is going right into my car.
    i need to save up for wheels because im gona do the works, wheels/tires, gears, brakes, speedo calibration.
    if somthin is worth doing it is worth doing right the first time.

    im glad you guys like the car. the people over at 3.8mustang.com didnt like it at all.