Forced Induction What size throttle body

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  1. Hi everyone, ill be running a vortech s/c on my car this year and am going to be upgrading my throttle body. I am running a cobra intake and am wondering what size throttle body to run and/or should I be running it with an egr spacer? Thanks for any suggestions.
  2. Doesn't the Cobra have a built in EGR spacer? Anyway, the GT40 family of intakes can take a 70mm TB with little or no port matching. That would be the easy route. You could also try to port match a 75mm onto it, which is something I'd be tempted to do, but I have no idea how much wall thickness you have to work with on a Cobra intake.
  3. I'm running a KB supercharger with a BBK 70mm TB and 70mm EGR. You will need to keep the EGR if you have emission testing where you live.
  4. No emissions test up here in the sticks so a 70mm will to the trick thanks guys.
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    Apples and Oranges. o_O
  6. If you just want to bolt on the 70mm will fit, if you want to open the intake up 75mm is about all you can do with a nice taper to keep enough meat at the flange.