what size wheels/tires

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  1. I have a 89 lx that is sitting on blocks right now. I need to get wheels and tires and I want to stay as close to the factory height as possible. I have oem variable rate springs on it right now and I am primarily using this as a daily driver (street).
    I have a 5 lug conversion kit on here. I have been considering either going with a 15x7 or a 16x7. What I dont know is the tire size to get for either on of those wheel sizes and the proper back spacing so my wheels and tires aren't hanging out of the fenderwell or so they aren't in to deep to where it compromises my steering
  2. 225/50/16 would be a good size tire .. but some conversion kits require you to have a to least a 17 inch wheel .. so make sure 15's or 16's fit first.
  3. The only way you need 17" wheels is if you converted to Cobra brakes in the front.

    As it is, 225/60/15 is the factory size. If you go to a 16" wheel 245/50/16 is right, 17" 245/45/17. etc....

    W/ 5-lug, your not really going to find 15" rims. 5-lug stangs either had 16's or 17's.