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  1. I was curious to hear some stories about how you got into mustangs. What sparked your interest, and made you actually want one.

    My cousin and I used to watch his neighbor clean his car all day on saturdays, then sat evening he would ride out about the same time we always went to my Gma's for dinner. (Family thing).. We used to get him to get on it a bit for us lol. So after a while, during the day he would let us ride our bikes over and he would show us different things on the car. We thought it was badass cause he had "nitros" on the car hahahaha.... but thats what did it for me. hearing it rumble, and seeing the black marks when he stood on it, mmmmmmm lol
  2. The rave reviews that the Fox body was getting when it came out. It was either the 85 or the 86 and there were some pretty regular news stories about how potent it was. CHP started buying them as chase cars. My old man rented one for a business trip that he had to take. We took a spin in the thing when he returned. I was pretty much hooked from then out.

    That's at least when I started becoming aware of them.
  3. I always like the sound and look of the Aero Gts but I finally got hooked when I drove my friends 5.0! I sold my camaro a week later and 17 fox bodies later here I am
  4. A good buddy of mine had a new 90 black/black LX 5.o vert back in the day. I had a truck that he used to like to borrow so he would give me his car to use. I liked how easy it was to break the tires loose. It was bad ass fast bone stock and handled great. It actually caught on fire once while I had it but it turned out not to be my fault. Told myself I would get one some day. 20 years, two teenage daughters, and one divorce later I finally got one. The best unexpected surprise is how much my daughters enjoy the car as well.
  5. I found a convertible GT for a good price after i totaled my 383 stroker Lincoln Mark vii. So i had a drive train already and i like convertibles. But the build quality on a 95 Mustang is crap compared to my Mark vii. Someday i'll get another lincoln Coupe.
  6. I have an image in my head that I can't shake. We used to have a "Circuit" around town that we cruised. Street raced, chased girls <------ mostly that, and hung out. It was a circle from one end of town to the other. I have a picture of an 87-89 GT, Dark Blue with silver on the bottom and a blue stripe around the middle. The car would just accelerate and zip in and out of traffic. It looks so awesome doing that. Stocker with turbine wheels and all. After some time on the street they quickly came to be the "Factory Fast" car to beat. Was bit by the bug and addicted ever since.
  7. Growing up, my best friend and I built Japanese cars (Turbo Supra at the time). My best friends big brother owned a 96' Mustang GT. I loved the way that car sat with the suspension set up he was running, the way it sounded and everything else about it!!! There was always a ton of competition between us so I could never admit just how much I liked it! 10 years later, I bought my first Stang (yesterday)!!!!
  8. Bought a '93 5.0 when I was a senior in high school, I liked Ford and Chevy and this was the first car I found in my price range that I liked. Once I bought it I started researching cars and mods more and 10 years later I am more hooked then ever. My little 2V may be the red headed step child of modular motors but I still get that adrenaline rush everytime that KB screams under WOT! I am just a 28 yr old kid when I drive my car and I am hooked haha
  9. I was 15 when I got my first Mustang and it was an 83 with a 302 and a 4 spd manual. It wasn't the original engine or trans but I liked that little car but at the time I was only a Ford fan and not just a Mustang fan. I really got bit by the Mustang bug while working in a mechanic shop after school at 16 years old and a customer brought her 93 5.0 LX notch (calypso green) in for some work and I fell in love with that car and wanted it the first time I pulled in the shop when closing up in the evenings. There was also a customer who had two nice cars that really just set the hook and made me a Mustang lover for life. One was a SN-95 White with black decaled Saleen (not a clone) and the other was a 93 Cobra that was black and it had a white cowl hood and it was white because the owner hit a deer and then replaced it and like the way it looked so he never had it painted to match. Sounds weird but I like the look of it too. It wasn't long until I had an 87 GT with no motor or trans and built a budget 302 with 289 heads to go in it because I was 17 and broke and that's the best I could afford.
  10. I love the 2V motors and I am in the process of replacing the one in my 02 GT... Is your engine still stock other than bolt on's and the supercharger?
  11. I'd always like the old Muscle Mustangs, but my first love with the Fox was probably in the mid-80's. A friend of mines dad had a fairly clean, early-80's GT with the 4-cylinder turbo. We used to dream about driving it to school, burning tires, etc (keep in mind...I was probably 9 or 10 at the time). I'd always kinda kept an eye on them for a while after that, but I was still infatuated with TV and movie cars (The General Lee, the Coyote-X from Hardcastle and McCormick, The Bandit Trans Am, KITT).

    It wasn't till I was about 13 when my dad came home with an '88 Mustang car pamphlet and told me they were trading in my mom's Grand Marquis wagon in on something a little sportier. I saw the burgundy '88 GT Cobra (Canadian) with the red stripe down the trim in the brochure and drooled. :drool:

    Imagine my surprise when they showed up with a brand new.....4-cylinder LX Hatch a few weeks later instead. :(

    Despite the anemic power deliver, the little hatch was still a fun little car to dive and I vowed to own on some day.

    ....I've owned 4 of them at this point. :)
  12. welcome aboard!

    bout my first at age 14, have had 5 since
  13. when i was'nt chasin the ladies back in the day ...( oh the good ole days young and dumb and full of c_m.)I was interested in the 5.0 vs. grand national wars...I found a used 79 with a rear main seal leak, 300$,bought a haynes manual and rebuilt it with a friend in his garage...with hi-po parts of course....The Mustang bug basically possesses you...5th one now....more money due to age and good job and this is the best Mustang yet for me..
  14. This is an old thread but I figured I would jump in. Back in the day I had a 80 hatchback 4 cyl. I adored that car! Drove it into the ground, had to get rid of it with a cracked block. Tomorrow I will be picking up a 2014 impact blue metallic V6 coupe. A little nervous because I haven't driven a manual in forever but very excited. I have been drooling over stangs for the better part of 35 years, about time I get another one in my driveway!

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