what springs to lower cobra?

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  1. hey gang I have a 99 Cobra (W/IRS) currently on Eibachs the car is about 1.5 lower but still looks like a 4x4 or a scared cat, what other brand can I get to drop my car some more its hardly noticable compared to my brothers 02 gt" :D

    any brands or ideas do adjustable shocks lower the car too . :nice:
    NOTE: "I dont want air bags"
  2. dont go any lower.. your going to regret it. any lower you start messing with handeling and steering geometry .. i bought my car slammed 2" eibach .. im putting steeda sport springs on it in a couple of weeks
  3. I alway's thought that the Eibachs (I have them) made the car look like it "should have" from the factory. It didn't seemed slammed, but that is not what I wanted. I also have some 18" wheels on there and out back I have 295/35's....no more 4x4 look for me. :nice:
  4. I just purchased Steeda sport springs for my '99. I got those because I didn't want it lowered very much. Just wanted to get rid of the 4x4 look. Hopefully the sports will do the job. I'll let you guys know how it turns out.
  5. well i bought the car lowered .. i dont even know how low it is . its over 2" though.. looks cool as hell .. rides like crap
  6. EIBACH PRO KIT 1.5" front 1.25 in rear great handling and ride looks like it should do the offset rack bushings from steeda keeps bump steer at bay poly A arm bushings great mod while your there makes steering crisp. fair warning its a chore to replace the A arm bushing let shop do it if not skilled. wouldn't go any lower heard nothing but bad
  7. I lowered my '03 with an Eibach pro-kit. I am very happy with the handling, I like low cars and another 1/2' or so would look wicked- But I dont think I wanna go any lower on this one...I dont think you can without adding a bumpsteer kit and Caster/Camber plates to keep the geometry correct anyway. I had mine re-alligned immediately after the install and they got me to where I was barely off- not noticeable and hasnt been a problem. Any lower would require added work though.

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  8. found some springs! yay!

    well just thought I would share that I found and ordered a set of 2" front and 2" rear drop springs from intrax made just for cobra's .
    a freind of mine found out that the rear wheels stay planted during launch (no more hop) but the front suspension needs some slight modding thanks for the help, :nice:
  9. Never heard of them? :shrug:
    Good luck.
  10. I was planning on doing the Eibach Sportline's if they'll work but maybe I'll stick with the Eibach Pro-Kit because I had it on my GT and I thought it was pretty good..I would have liked the rear to be another half inch lower though.
  11. So how about shocks/struts? Do they need to be replaced if you changing your springs to say the Steeda Sport springs?
  12. They don't have to be....I went almost a year before I determined that I was no longer happy with the stock shocks/struts. They weren't matched with the lowering springs. But you can wait if money is an issue. To do it again I would do it all at once though.
  13. That's what I though. With the added spring rate I would think that the old (stock) shocks/struts would wear very quickly.
  14. Here's the Steeda Sports with '03 Bilsteins. I have since swapped out for the Eibachs that were originally on a GT, which IMO are almost the perfect height. I am about to swap again though this time to coil overs.

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