what springs to lower cobra?

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  1. what shocks/struts would you all go with
  2. I added the 03 Cobra shocks and struts with my Eibachs and it was a very nice match. I got them when they first were available for $200 for the set. I think it's $450 now. :shrug:
  3. dang, a bunch of Eibach folks here

    me personally, I like H&R springs... but then again, I'm looking at it from a handling performance aspet.

    I would recommend H&R's and Bilsteins..The 03's bilstein used to be a good deal, but for what they go for now, I would recommend the Bilstein HD, they are much better and self adjusting. I personally hated the 03 bilsteins.. they are basically a washed down version of the others and dont "feel" the same to me.

    If you have your car lowered 1.5" and still think it looks 4x4, you need to change the wheels , not necessarily lower it more, unless you want the Slammed look.

    The stock 8" wheel backspacing puts the wheels to far into the whels. Get a 9" wheel for the stang, probably 18" (max) made for the stang to get the look you are looking for.

    (P.S. I don't recommend this, but you don't technically need to change out your springs, I know PLENTY of people that simply took off their bottom spring isolators to drop the car more, I wouldn't ever do it, but it seems to work for them)
  4. Is it easy to put the springs on yourself? I have been told that it is harder because of the independent rear suspension.

    My boyfriend put springs on my old GT I had and we don't know if it would be easier to take it to a shop or if it can be done as easy as it can be done on a 99+ GT.

  5. The front will be the same ast your 99GT, but its harder to put the rear springs on the IRS car. It took 6 Hours to do my car on a lift, front and back and C/C plate with an alighnment, but there was two of us, and we were familiar with the project.

    There is a few different ways to do it, but I have found the best way to do it, is to drop the IRS, one side at a time. The old spring falls out, and you have to kinda jack each side up back into place.

    You might wanna do the front yourself and let a shop do the back if it will be cheaper. Although make sure the shop is close, cause you will have a mean rake on the car.
  6. new cobra owner

    Hi - my 1st post so go easy. I just purchased an '01 coupe with H&R springs. The undercarriage scrapes horribly going over speedbumps. Would I fix this problem by switching to a more conservative Eibach drop or should I try to find OEM Cobra springs?

  7. Thanks for the help. I might just put the springs on the front and take it to a shop and have the back done. Just hope it doesn't cost too much. Thanks again!

  8. What part of the car scrapes? Does it not scrape if you take the speed bumps just right?

    Depends what type of H&R's you have and what type of Eibachs you get, but the difference will be like .1 or .2 inches.

    Do you have Polyurethane isolators? If not, the stock rubber isolators flatten after time, and putting some urethane isolators might get you an extra .1 or .2"
  9. It's tough to tell exactly where it scrapes but it's definitely not the side skirts - something underneath. And it doesn't matter how slow I maneuver.
    I think it has H&R race in there right now and I'm going to swap them out for the Eibach Pro-Kit. I'm hoping it gives me the clearance I'm looking for. Will keep you posted.
  10. eibach doesn't make a sportline for the IRS called eibach and asked no luck