What Strut Tower Brace

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  1. I have a 351 based motor in my Convertible. EFI with the big Box R intake. I have no lower support because it doesnt clear my canton pan but i do use MM XL Sub Frame connectors.

    Is there a Brace that will clear this out the box?

    How effective is a strut tower brace?

    If i have to fabricate a brace would tieing it into the radiator support add any benefit?

  2. Not sure what will clear. Most of the aftermarket strut tower braces come forward to clear the front side of the intake, but they still have clearance issues over the inlet hose to the MAF. I had to cut my Steeda one and weld a piece of steel in there to clear the inlet tube.

  3. my bbk fits around my performer intake with a 1" spacer.