What Suspension Mods?

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  1. Well, as posted in another thread, I will be moving to a new city in a few weeks and the stang is going to have to make a rather LONG road trip. Currently I have 18" rims w/ FRPP lowering springs and the ride quality is pretty rough. The ride tends to get on my nerves once and a while so I can only imagine how I will enjoy it on a 3-day trip :eek:

    My question is, what mod can I do to improve the ride quality? I was thinking perhaps a good set of shocks/struts? Any info is appreciated, thanks. :D
  2. Well, I was considering getting the Tokico Illumina 5-way adjustable shocks. I was hoping that you could dial them to their loosest position for long-haul driving.

    I'm not exacly sure how soft they get though. :shrug: So, I don't know if that would really be a good suggestion or not. Maybe somebody else could enlighten us.
  3. put a pillow on your seat :jester:
  4. Quit your crying, and take it like a man!

    Seriously no mod will make the ride better unless you put like 16 or 15" wheels on. More rubber = better ride. Also the reason you are feeling all the bumps is because you have lowering springs. Aftermarket shocks will only make the ride worse. Go buy a good set of 13" wheels and put them on, it will look mad pimp. :nice:
  5. What FRPP springs did you put on? Some types are more harsh than others.

    18 inch rims and lowering springs each contribute noticably to ride harshness. About the only thing you can do is put on some softer shock/struts and/or change out to some softer springs. The Tokico 5-way is an interesting suggestion ... I don't have them, but maybe someone who does can chime in.
  6. But I don't wanna :(

    I was just wondering if there was ANYTHING I could do.... I guess not :(
  7. Hmmm, maybe the ride harshness will encourage some major bouncage (from my passenger of course)


  8. I have Tokico Illumina 5-ways and Eibach Pro-Kit springs, but also only 17-inch rims. Setting the Tokico's to the mid-point, "3," gives a reasonably compliant ride, but you sacrifice some handling. I have only tried them on the "1" (soft) or "2" setting a couple of times and I didn't like the wallowing, imprecise handling, although the ride was softer. Most of the time I drive with the setting to "5" (hardest) because I love the way the car corners with this setting, the increase in traction, and the steadiness on the highway at speed. At that setting it is true that road imperfections can sometimes be jarring, but none of my teeth have fallen out yet, and the welded-in subframe connectors keep the car together. Hope this helps.

  9. A little off topic, but how hard are they to adjust? How long to adjust all 4 of em?

  10. Are those FRPP springs progressive rate or specific rate? Specific rate springs always ride rougher. Before I recently did the suspension mods I have in my sig, I was running Eibach Pro-Kit springs with the factory shocks and struts. The car is lower now, but the bumps are less harsh, probably due mostly to the Bilsteins. You could go with adjustables and make her float like a Caddy. :nice:
  11. i've got mine lowered 2" in the back and 2.5" in front. The ride quality was horrible on stock shocks and struts btut the illuminas on the softest setting are WONDERFUL!! I love them. :nice:
  12. The adjustable shocks and struts aren't to make the car ride better guys. Its to make the car handle better. Now I could be completely wrong but to me it would sound like you would want the front on 3-5 settings and the back to 1 setting to get the best handling.
  13. Where can I find the Illuminas? :shrug:
  14. up your ass and around the corner!!!
  15. My suggestion of the shocks was ONLY because I thought it would be a worthy investment that could also double as making long trips easier.

    This topic is not about how to make your stang handle better. It's about how to survive a long trip in it. I am already planning on purchasing the Illumina's but it sure would be cool to know I could dial them in a little softer during a 10 hour drive to the beach.
  16. even on setting 1 the stock shocks and struts will give more than Tokicos. ;) So you are still getting a harder ride.
  17. Bastard! :mad: :bang:
  18. A sure place to find them...*sigh* I gotta do everything around this biz....is Steeda although they will rip you a new one. Best place is try Tire Rack. Call them, don't order them online.
  19. Volld, post any prices you find if you don't mind.

    So far, I got E-bay - Buy-now, Free shipping @ $449.00
  20. Hmmm, damn near $600 from STEEDA....looks like I'm gonna need that pillow :(