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  1. Ok I put my nitrous kit on my 98 cobra last year BEFORE I found out that the motor in my cobra was really a Lincoin motor > so I parked the car over the winter and findly found a REAL 4.6 32v cobra motor out of another 98 cobra . Now the Nitrous kit ( wet kit ) was working GREAT right up to the point where I Destroyed my old T-45 at the drag strip which is how I found the motor thing out . now the car sat for about 6-7 months while I did the k-member , motor swap and rear suspension, 255 lph fuel pump and exhaust , gears and so on > I took NO short cut's and bought EVERYTHING new except of course the motor which run's very well and burns NO oil it does have a ticking in the passanger head that drive's me crazy but I can live with that for now > anyway the car runs strong and will put down a 13.6 to 13.8 1/4 mile time on the motor no problem. but when i turn on the spray it only drop's my 60 foot time there is little to NO 1/4 time or speed change ?? I have a purge kit and purged it till the line had frost on the end Fri night at the track and still no good ????? I tried 75 , 100, and 125 HP and it's like the spray isn't working at ALL ? I did change the plug's this morning and the white probe was RED > yes I said red like blood red > I can send pic's if you like to see . Is this from the nitrous ? DO you think the solenoid (s) could have gone BAD? I have changed the nozzle and removed the nitrous filter and even moved the nozzle further away from the throttle body the only thing I can think of is the solenoid (s) one or both have gone bad? I have not checked them yet as I'm ticked at the car and have messed with it since I parked it . right at this moment I'm about to go out and start pulling the Maximum motor sports lower arms out to put new bushing's in them because they crap'd out on me at the track and now the rear walks side to side under the car when I get on the throttle :Damnit: crapola
    any Ideas or tip's ?
  2. Well i pulled the rear lower arms out today and yep the front bushings were destroyed in them > I didn't have anything to replace them with so I had to go red neck on them > I had bought a set of Energy Suspension bushings for a car in the past that had been sitting on the shelf collecting dust . so i pulled them out . NO they did not fit the arms when I started > so i got some threaded rod and put them on it and in to the lathe and turned them down till i could hammer them in to the arms > they fit very nice and are much more firm than the stock one's > no pic's sorry> any way the arms are done and it's back on it's tires only took me 4-5 hours :( and then i was hungry > full belly + couch = I didn't do chit after that :D so tomorrow before work I'll mess with the solenoid (s) to see if thats my problem > . Im wondering if I have the right fogger nozzle in the car too? I'm using the NOS Fogger 2 Nozzle, 1/16 in. NPT but it's not the 90 degree one ? could this be my problem ? my last nozzle WAS a 90 degree one and it worked fine.
  3. here's a pic of the stock Maximum motor sports bushings after about 7-8 months of driving