What the heck?

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  1. No, it got wrecked and sold and the buyer fixed it. The guy who used to own it now owns a supercharged saleen.
  2. I know mike personally, and the car was sold as is to a guy. That guy must have fixed the fender and sub frame and put it up for sale. The car still ran fine when it was sold.

    Edit - And yes the saleen is really nice but it needs drag radials =(
  3. Lol that car has so many problems though. Ahh the memories of crusing down the parkway mid winter watching the road pass by from the hole in the floor.
  4. Just checking. I know it was wrecked, but I never heard what happened to it.
  5. that guy just realized he baught a bunch of parts for around 13-14k now he wants to dump to it.

    I was trying to buy the turbos off mike and he just sold the whole car to this dude. The car has all the right stuff in it, but the car itself is to tired to make good use of them
  6. lol hole in the floor wtf. the car looks pretty nice to me, whats so effed up about it
  7. ya i always thought it was fine, untill wrecked
  8. Holy **** it's S&B!
  9. Looks can be very decieving!!! I remember before I got my 90GT, I looked at this black LX coupe... looked great in the pics, but look under it... it must have come from up north.
  10. I had a crush on that car for the longest time... :drool: