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  1. Nice Roush and house! Here is another reason I slowed down on my project...Nothing like instant gratification! Nice to know you could keep your toys and still afford a house!

  2. Mike that is one beautiful car! I love black cars and yours has a perfect stance. I was sick to my stomach when I thought I was going to have to sell my car, even got a couple semi-serious offers. But I kept telling myself it was selfish to keep them when my family really needed a house. But I am soooooo glad I didn't have to sell. It makes me happy everytime I step into the garage and once the weather turns I'll start driving it again. Keep in touch and keep updating about your car!
  3. Thanks! I want to just create a build thread, but it's going to be a really slow project as it will be dependent on time and money. I still have to invest in more tools before I can start buying new parts! I need an air compressor, welder, plasma cutter, etc.
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  4. Yeah, I like black cars but never really wanted to own one since they are so hard to keep clean. Add a ragtop that you can't run through a car wash and now you have to hand wash the thing. I've been keeping it covered in the garage to minimize the dust. I'm also using a car duster. I need to stop searching craigslist!
  5. So this is a less common story. I am 16 years old and have driven my 1966 Restomod Coupe for about a year now nearly every day. The shock on people's face when a teenager rolls up in a vintage that you can tell has a lot of pride put into it. Worst thing that every happened was I went to a car show and broke my shock tower. This sent my shock straight into the underside of my hood. I hated nothing more than having a nice dent and paint chip right in the hood at the car show, yet somehow I still got first in class. Anyways, the car was my grandfathers that he "restored" when I was fairly young. The car then sat in a moisture rich environment for about 8 years. He finally said that me getting the car was inevitable and that it was just sitting and I could have it if I wanted. The only catch was I had to learn how to work on if. For the next year and a half I worked on the car with my father and his father (not the same grandfather who gave me the car). We immediately stripped the car down to see what we had. Sheet metal work was a must. New floor pans and a 2 piece cowl. We worked every weekend for the year and a half occasionally missing one. We decided to get rid of the factory 289 and drop in an ATK Crate 302. The car was then painted last. Once the hood was damaged I was able to get the hood I originally wanted. Now that the car is running and drivable any modifications are up to me and at my expense. Hopefully a ford 9" and T5 are in my budget in the near future.

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  6. That story mirrors my first car, and it was also a Mustang,and story almost perfectly. My grand father bought me my first car ,66 mustang ,and told me all i had to do was put it together .My dad helped me build it .
  7. The great thing is unlike most newer cars the classics are much simpler to work on. Everything isn't hidden by plastic as well. Just the manual steering and cold starts in the cold are a bit tedious at times.
  8. I'm still here. I just have nothing to add.
  9. I still look every once in a while but the last 3 years has been taken up by caring for my wife who was diagnosed with lung cancer so that's where my focus has been. I do get a small amount of time every few weeks or so to work on my 67 and I hope to install the rebuilt engine this weekend if things work out.

    A bit of background on the car, I got her in 2008, knew the floor pans had to be replaced. A friend helped and taught me how to weld. In 2012 I converted it from a C4 to a T5 and added 2004 Mach 1 seats. Then in 2013 I started on stripping the engine bay and paint. Got it all back together in 2015 and took a drive and the engine finally broke where the cylinder sleeve wasn't installed correctly. I got a new engine in 2016 and have been slowly working on it to get it back together as time allows.

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  10. Sorry to hear about your wife's health problems. My wife has been through a lot in the past few years with various diabetes-related issues so I can relate on how it affects everything. Love the pics of the car and your work! Keep them coming!
  11. Have not been here in probably 7 - 10 years. It was absolutely crazy back then!

    My story is I sold Chepie (Indian Fire 69 Vert) in 2004, and built a Factory Five Cobra. It was built to be a track car from the start, and has been a great project. It is now full of racing and tech modifications, brutally fast, and handles like a slot car. Noisy, insane, love it. And, It now wears the "CHEPSK8" license plate!

    I am also now active on a forum for Factory Five cars, and one of the trouble makers there!

    But, I still fondly remember some of the crazy threads we had.

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  12. Hey Dan, good to see you're still around. It's great to see familiar names from the old days as well as hear from fresh faces with some really neat cars like the ones who've posted up their stories here. In my opinion, that's what's been missing is the social aspect this forum used to have and hopefully can have again. I know lots of people need help, they register for the forum, post a question, get an answer and are never heard from again. I like the people that post a good story (truth optional), show off their work, post a picture of their car at the track, a shot of them driving the car or any other variation of "what I did with my car". Here's one I took with my cell phone last summer on my way to work with the sun coming up.

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  13. I'll confess, I'm not much of a forum participant, but Zoo, this thread title got my attention. Over the years, I have gleaned some very good info from StangNet, but there seems to be a lot of chaff the past couple years to get to the meaningful stuff. I was able to contribute to an 8" diff question this AM, so I think I earned my visit!

    Having owned my '66 A-code GT for 28 years, I can relate to how kids, family, house, career take priorities over the decades. Now with both kids out on their own, I'm getting back into improving my car. It's been 20+ years since I've been in a race car, and while I'm not going to "race" my classic, I am planning on getting some track time in with some lapping days. As I said to my wife the other day, I'm not getting any younger and I can't wait forever! I'm also over the "let's keep it stock for resale" idea too. So, I've kept the original engine, trans, diff, and everything else that can be re-installed, but now have built a 5.0 roller motor ~315hp, a T-5 trans and an Eaton TruTrac diff which all performs quite nicely. I'm just about to head out to the shop for some serious welding now that I have the roll bar and braces fitted-up. See photo.



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    The guys at AutoWeld in PA are sharp and make a great product. Like anything custom, it's fit, then fit again. Hope by May, I can start re-installing the interior and get some serious 6pt. belts. Stay tuned. CT
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  14. [​IMG]

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  15. I can't see the pics, but love the story. Please try again with the pics. Like you my car was a 40th b-day present to myself because I also wasn't getting any younger. I've posted this before a long time ago but here's the brief version: right after I started my project, I attended a local air show and met a gentleman who had been a pilot in WWII. After the war he bought a surplus AT-6 trainer for $4000. Almost every weekend since, he could be seen out enjoying his airplane. To keep that passion for that plane for over 60 years is amazing to me. The lady I bought my fastback from was 93 and owned it and drove it daily for 33 years and with a voice full of emotion asked if I planned to keep it in a garage. I've owned the car since '01 and hope to keep it until I'm gone. My goal with this is to hear other people's story who share that passion. Sooo, who's going to post the first burnout pic in a classic?
  16. I never did a burn-out in my car, but I did road race it for 17 years:


    RA2012j.jpg [
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  17. The pic on my avatar is what my car still looks like, what with teenage baseball, track, basketball, choir, band, church stuff, and living 20 miles out of town, my time is limited.
    That being said, my first passion has always been stock car oval track racing. My first special car was a '74 maverick which we cut up, roll caged and raced for several seasons. it was a blast, and we ran competitively against the 350 chevies with a stock '73 2v 302 backed by a C4. Our advantage was handling, that little car ran like it was on rails. Maverick '91Desktop.jpg
    Today, things have changed significantly, and our Mav wouldn't fit any of the modern rules packages. So, I went with a Crown Vic. The stock 4.6 outruns those same 350 chevies, which today are housed in Malibus and Caprices rather than Camaros. RaceRigAndGarage20170205.jpg
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  18. I done been in and out of this here place. Don't know how long ago I discovered the Stangnet, but I'm grateful to all to all the members for their assistance with my 73 Stang. I used to troll the classic forum and try to give advice wherever I could but I slacked off after I got married. I think I really slacked off once Facebook came along. I post my car progress there but need to do it here.

    This website might hurt your eyes, but here is my Tremec install page. It is in dire need of updating. I started the process of pulling my old posts. I'd like to put them together in some silly collection. http://webpages.acs.ttu.edu/jikelly/Tremec page.htm
  19. I gotta say, that is one of the best T5 install pages I've seen, I only wish I'd found it when I did mine. I actually used an '06 Ford Fusion clutch master and a Toyota slave, then had my local NAPA do the hydraulic line. Very nice work on the site and the install indeed. As for RacerJames, I totally understand how life gets in the way. I coached my son's baseball teams for years as well as helped out with my brother's racecar. Here's a pic of the car and my brother.
  20. I joined this forum so long ago I can't even remember when, and it was my 'go to' for a long time, I occasionally pop on to see if there are any good posts worth reading, but rarely post. I have noticed as well it the activity level is low. Personally I spend most of my time on another vintage mustang site that is quite busy all the time.

    But I have been busy doing a lot of mods to my car over the past few years, FiTech EFI, Speedhut gauges, 3-point belts, latch system for my kids car seats, 4 wheel disc, to name some. Not to mention I picked up a '67 hardtop as well that is completely stripped.

    '65 as she sits today:

    FiTech EFI:

    The '67: