What the rear should look like...

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  1. The lights are fine. It just needs a better set of bumpers and a better spoiler.
  2. Agreed....its not the tail lights that get to me, its the bumper and rear facia.
  3. I think the new tail lights look better than before.
  4. I've felt that the 05-09 tail lights were "dead-on" as far as the retro look...not so sure about the 2010's.
  5. Thoughts on the 2010 Back Light Design

    My two cents on the light design of the 2010 vs 2005/09. These are my ideas/guesses on ther justification of the redesign.

    This year, there's a rear camera option and for that reason more illumination in the form of brighter back-up lights might be needed and therefore part of the explanation for the re-design.

    Another, albeit weaker, reason is that the 'sequential effect' might be more pronounced with the separation created by the back-up lights located between the brake/turn lights. (I have the aftermarket kit on my 07 vert)

    personal preferences:
    On spoilers: I personally don't like spoilers in general. Specfically i don't like either of the two spoilers available, although the standard one is needed for the rear camera option, which I am considering for the 2010 vert that I am planning to order when the track pack option becomes available.

    I like the side scoops and the hood, without a scoop. I have one on my 2008 and love it. I saw a pic of the optional 2010 scoop on another thread and it looked like overkill IMO- the hood design is aggressive enough, although I have not seen on in person.

    A question- I have the 2010 brochure but would like to see the options explained in more detail. Anyone seen further info?
  6. Needs a different spoiler but otherwise I like it.
  7. I think they need to trim 5 or 6 inches off the bottom of the bumper. The back end just look kind of pudgy and bloated compared to the 05-09:shrug:
  8. I love everything about the new 2010 except the rear end and I am forcing myself to try and like it. I am selling my 2009 GT500 and buying a new 2010 GT500. The interior on the 2010 mustangs is better but I am really having a problem liking the back of the car. I am hoping I will eventually like it better.

    You can see how "tall" the back looks now and I really hate the way the tag is set in there.:(

    The 2nd pic is the back of my 2009 which I think is trimmer and more lean looking.

  9. You aren't the only one. The ones that actually like it are in the minority, so hopefully that means aftermarket to the rescue.
  10. Wow, the tail lights look much better.

    Now if you can tuck in the bottom of the bumper that would be great. While you're photoshopping, is there anything you can do with that overbite and black plastic up front? :D
  11. the tail lights are ok the big bumper isn't
  12. The good thing is, you don't have to look at it when you're driving! And that's all the Chevy and Dodge guys are gonna get to look at anyways! :nice:
  13. i wonder if u can put an 09 bumper to the 2010?
  14. I'm sure someone lwill come out with something aftermarket if people put up enough fuss.
  15. Luckily WHEN that will happen it should be a relatively cheap fix. Roush charges only about 170 bucks for their version of the plastic thing. I'm thinking about 300 maybe for a painted part when that will be available.

    No matter how much I want to make myself like that rear end I just can't. That picture is a perfect example. With all that plastic the 2010 looks like something that came out of the early 80's compared to the S197 parked next to it. I really cannot comprehend Ford's thinking on that one.