35th Anniv What the???

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by T8ERS, Oct 28, 2005.

  1. Where's all of our threads? Is there a time limit or something? Or did stangnet hiccup again?
  2. 35th's forum

    What's happened to 35th.com's forum? Is it gone for good? Has David given up the site? Anybody heard? :shrug:

  3. Honestly, I don't know anymore...I tried and tried to keep things going in the forums, but with a lack of support from David, I cannot do much. I did email him and he seemed to be still interested in working the site, but nothing really progressed after that. Even now, the forums are off line. I am at a loss.
    However, I will still be here at least during the week to continue helping the "Limited" gain exposure and get the knowledge out there.
    I also have a complete list of "Limited" VIN #'s(production number) now and can help with that.

    Keep the faith.

  4. I tried emailing David a couple of weeks ago, too. No response. Maybe he bought a new Mustang and doesn't care anymore. LoL
  5. Probably true, besides the "bought a new mustang" part. That guy sounds like a real ass and he never responded to any of my emails like over a year ago i sent him. If he doesnt want to run the site anymore he should at least let someone else and not ruin it for others.