What times with this combo

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by JARED FOURNIER, Dec 20, 2003.

  1. Finally got all my parts together, going to install over next couple of weekends. Too bad I won't be able to get it to the track for a while, snow is terrible for traction :). The new parts are.... Balanced and blue printed 306, stock crank and rods, canton windage tray, Probe forged flat tops with dual reliefs(so I can switch to TFS heads eventually), sfi balancer and billet flywheel, TFS stage 1 cam installed straight up, GT-40 heads with race valve job and milled to 59cc chamber volume, Edelbrock performer intake with lower portmatched to 1250 gasket and 3/8 spacer(needed for valve cover clearence), fms 30 lbs inj,76mm c&l with tube, arp fastners through out, nos 5115 stage 2 jetted for 150 shot, poly motor and trans mounts, a/c eliminator, and fms aluminum drive shaft. These parts are going on my 93 coupe 5speed with.... pulleys, smog eliminated, 70mm tb, bbk adj fpr, crane ign box and coil, holley 255 intank pump, electric fan, mac shorties, o/r X-pipe and cat back dumped, fms heavy duty clutch, fms 4.10s, big and little welds with 275 60 15 bfg drag radials in back (I will probably switch to mt et streets I don't think the drag radials are going to hold), stock springs ( getting drag springs for x-mas), lakewood 90/10s, steeda upper and lower control arms, battery relocated to trunk, and tri-ax shifter. I'm sure I forgot something but that's all the big parts. I'm hoping for low 11s if I can get some serious hook. What do you guys think?
  2. whats your elev?
    i'd guess low 11 at sea level. mid to high around 3000ft.thats with the 150 shot and that is if you can hook..
  3. we're at about 750ft above sea level, so with good weather and good driving it looks like traction will be the big factor between me and a low 11. I did knock off one 1.76 last season(with way less power) with the drag radials so hopfully with some et streets and lots of practice and tuning I'll get there:) Oh and I forgot I've got 1.72 roller rockers and subframe connectors