What Tire Pressure Are You Guys Running?

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by Sonic04GT, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. Been meaning to ask this for a while. Door says 32psi I believe but that seems kind of high. So what are you guys doing front and back?

    I think my rears were around 25 and fronts around 27-28.
  2. Tire size makes a difference. A wider tire has a larger contact patch and will need a lower tire pressure. The factory pressure will work well with a stock width tire. Your pressures sound about right for a car with wider tires, like maybe 275s up front and 295s out back.
  3. Currently 275's up front and will soon switch from 315's to 295's in the back. Thanks for the input.
  4. 295s at 30psi. 265s at 34 psi. on 18s.
  5. Im running 25psi all around on my staggered 17x10.5in setup.

    Correction now Im running 32psi after looking at all the responses...:D
  6. 32 psi all around, stock sized tires for now.
  7. 36 in my 275 Nittos. I hear people tell me all the time that that's too much, but my current set is wearing as evenly as I think is possible, and they've got 35k miles on them now with at least another 10k left. :shrug:
  8. I have stock size so, I run the factory specs.
  9. 32 lbs all around. 245's front/315's rear.
  10. 36 all around. Best setting for MPG and Handling. Even the stock setting recommended is 34. I am OCD about my tire pressures.
  11. I'll probably raise them up a little closer to 30.
  12. Usually 36-38psi up front (245/45/17) and 32-34psi out back (315 Sumitomos) and they honestly would wear better at 28-30psi.
  13. I'm running 35 all around as well on stock size. Get pretty good MPG out of that. I do notice that as the tires lose pressure, mileage certainly suffers. Getting about 21 mpg (combined) right now on 35 psi. Possibly more since spark plugs were changed; haven't yet gone through a full tank after the plug change.