What tire size for ponies on 1993 2.3?

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  1. I have a stock 1993 notchback with the 2.3 (90K). I am currently running ten hole wheels, but would like to install a set of pony wheels I have laying around.

    My question is, what would be a safe tire size to get? The car seems to sit low (stock?), and I don't want any rubbing issues. Would I be ok with a 225/50/16? Any help or photos of 4 cylinders with pony wheels is appreciated, thanks.
  2. Stock size should work just fine - 225/55-16

    Your stock size tires were either - 195/75-14 or 205/65-15

    Using the tire calculator here - http://www.miata.net/garage/tirecalc.html

    You will be .2 inches total diameter larger, which is practically nothing. If you aren't rubbing now, then you won't rub with a stock size tire on a Pony rim.
  3. Agree with above. I ran 245/50/16 on the pony wheels of my '87 5.0L LX Hatch when I had it with no rubbing issues.

    I personally wouldn't go any smaller than stock. My '90 coupe had 225/50/16 mounted on a set of Pony's in the front when I bought it and they just looked too small. Ironically, it had 255/50/16's mounted in the rear...which looked too big. Gotta find that happy medium.
  4. Cool, thanks for the info guys, I appreciate it :nice:.
  5. 305's at the very least:rlaugh:
  6. Ended up going with a set of 20" gold plated spinners. Baller!!
  7. That should make your car very popular.
  8. Oops, forgot the JK, and smiley face, lol. I went with the 225/55/16 all the way around.
  9. Cool. That's the stock size. They look good on those wheels. And being that the car is a 2.3L....you don't want anything much bigger than that on there. That poor little 85hp I4 doesn't need anything else holding it back. :D
  10. Hey, he's got 105 HP! Don't short him 20 HP - That's 19 percent :)
  11. The Ponys should be a little bit lighter than the Ten Holes;
    that alone will gain some performance...

    Good choice on the tire size.