What Tire size on Cobra Rims

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  1. Hey,

    I am new to Mustangs and new to this site. I recently purchased a 1998 Mustang GT with the 4.6 V8 and along with the purchase came four cobra rims. They are chrome and are the ones pictured here. [​IMG]

    What would be the best tires size for them with a 1.5 inch drop? Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
  2. nobody???
  3. You probably shouldn't go any wider than a 275 on there, if they're factory wheels. They'll bulge a little on the sidewalls but they'll work.

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  4. You need to post the wheel size for us to recommend anything.
  5. My apologies.. I guess Im used to forums that move a lot quicker. The rims are 17X9 all around. So I ma looking for something that will be good ride quality but not crazy wide. They are factory rims. Thanks for your help.
  6. 275's will fit fine on a 9" wheel.

    I run 275/35's on my 18x9's. You could do that on the rear and maybe 265s up front.

    I'm in a big dilemma right now for tires on my own car haha
  7. You want a 275/40/17 for a 9" wheel.
  8. Ok, so I dont know if I am measuring right.. I measured the inside of the rim and its 10 inches from one side to the next. All four are this size.
  9. Stock cobra rims are normally 9". If that's the case, I would go with a 275/40/17 on all four corners.
  10. Isn't it stamped on the back of the wheel?
  11. Did you measure from the inside of the lip or outside of the lip. If its a stock cobra wheel, it should be 9in from inside of the lip to inside of the lip.
  12. Nevermind, I read your post wrong....
  13. I just got 4 Cobra rims for my 2002 Mustang GT and they have on them 275/40/18 and they look on the back and they do not rub on the back or front but my car is not dropped yet. One thing that I noticed was they do not rub in front either, but I want to have less wide on the fron and a little smaller. What type of tire you guys recommend?
  14. I have seen guys run a Nitto 555R 315 on the back of their Cobra's with the factory 17x9 rim but the tires bulge a bit and it's unsafe IMO. The Nitto's tend to run a bit narrow so guys are able to get away with this, but you should run a 275 max on that rim. I stepped up to the 10.5" wide deep dish rims to run 315's on my car and I'm glad I did.