What To Ask? 1969 Mach 1

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  1. I haven't posted much in awhile. Life got interesting. 2 kids and it appears I need to move for a new job. So my beloved Mach 1 which is mere weeks from completion has to be sold. :(

    My question: How much should I ask for this?

    The cars history:
    Purchased for 8k in 1990 from Wakeeny Kansas. The car was a 1/4 mile racer (A crime in my book). I wanted to turn it back into a driver. I did. Restored back to street service within 2 years. I happily drove this car for about 5 years before I decided to really restore the car the correct way. in 1996 I started By 1998 it was a very nice restored street car. I put the last wire in for the scoop turn signals on January 6th 2001. On January 11th 2001 I pulled the car out of the garage to take it to the auto appraiser. Parked in in front of the house (I forgot my gloves) 30 seconds later drunk dude hit it.

    After liberating my car from me....I decided to make this thing even more perfect, but I had to wait 10 years to get all the parts and navigate real life. What did that mean? A ton of work. I had focused on the interior, electronics, engine, brakes etc the first time. At that time there was not rear quarter metal available outside a donor car. Dynocorn started making high quality parts Now it was time for the Body.

    Here is my work:
    I had Matt Halverson @ nicerides complete the rear quarters and fit the body. He prepared the car for paint. This guy is an amazing craftsman. He was expensive but he deserves the accolades for gaping the car perfectly.

    I performed all of the other body work. Sealing (POR15) and Primer. The car is a detroit car (so the primer is wrong). I like the orange better than the mixed paint purpleish color.

    As you can see I originally stitched and braised metal for the rear quarters. You can see where I replaced the entire floor as well. The crossmember had been cut for a racing shifter (very common in the 70s). I fixed this and restored the transmission back to the correct hurst.

    Three are some nice before/wreck etc pictures.

    Restoration Slideshow

    Car: 1969 mach 1
    Restoration Status: 90% (Just needs final block and paint)
    Parts status: 95% Just needs a few cosmetic pieces following paint.
    Restoration type: 100% from the floor up.
    Why restored? Drunk in truck hit the car while parked.
    Body has been completely fit and set for final paint. perfect gaps.
    The car has been stored indoors in my Garage in Colorado (low humidity)
    ZERO RUST its all been removed/replaced.

    Engine: (Freshly rebuilt,, 1st re-build)
    • SEMO classic mustangs built 351C. (yes not stock, but better than a 2bbl windsor)
    • 1970 4v Heads
    • Lunati Cam
    • Blue Oval Intake
    Gears: 3:92
    Transmission: Top-loader 4 speed (fully restored)
    Numbers Match? No

    Miles on Engine: 55 miles (I had to go down the track 2 times :) 14.2 at 6000ft. (Colorado).
    Interior: Perfect - Original comfort-weave rear and front seats.
    Magnum 500s need an easy polish.

    What does it need?
    • The final Block and Paint
    • A few cosmetic parts (air dam and 3 trim pieces)
    • Radiator+hoses
    • Headliner
    • Probably new tires after 12 years

    Ask away if you have any questions. I have every receipt from every part ever on this car.
    I won't even re-coup 15% of what has gone into the car over the years. I will be taking a nice bath on the work completed in the last 3 years.

    But this is about saving a piece of history. Not my pocket book.
    I will only sell this car to someone who respects what it is. I will not sell it to someone looking to turn it into another drag car.

    I will Give the VIN to interested parties.

    My question again: How much should I ask for this?
  2. I didn't mention I had to set the buckets on the car to take pictures so they are just hanging there. Don't worry they fit perfectly. The scoop and the wing are not in the pictures.

  3. I have all of the glass, chrome (new) badging, pins, bolts, wireing, dash, seats, doors, innards, etc. All that is required is Block, Paint assembly. The buckets are just hanging by the bolts in the pictures.