what to do?5.0L or 2.3T?

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  1. Somebody just gave me his spare 5.0L engine (but the head is missing..)
    And now, I hesitate on what to do..
    What should I do guys? Should I do the 5.0L swap or the 2.3T that I've already started?
    Gas is always going higher and everything..

    I think I will sell the 5.0L, and my spare T5 as a combo for 600$(can) and rebuilt a good 2.3T :)
  2. I gave away my 5.0 and am in the process of swapping in a 2.3T..

  3. Twin turbo 5.0
  4. and you thought simply looking at the price of gas was bad?? wait till you have to start filling that beast up every other day lol :rolleyes:
  5. Price of a decent set of heads and intake for a 302......about $1000-$1200

    Price of a 300hp 2.3T swap.....can be done for $500 :spot:
  6. Are you speaking from experiance?

  7. hmm..... maybe close to 300 flywheel hp...but i wouldnt exagerate...everything takes money, and 300hp though achieveable isnt done for 500$ (without a cheap nitrous kit)
  8. Somewhat. I've rebuilt engines "the right way" and i've done back yard shade tree rebuilds that make respectable power too. I haven't done the 2.3T swap yet, but if you can score a running 87-88 TC for $300 ( they are around here for that much), and can do some porting yourself, i dont see why you couldn't make 300hp at the flywheel (sorry shuold have said that the first time).
  9. Honestly I would try it sometime before spouting off numbers. :) A whole LOT of people use to think they had 300+ hp until they got on a dyno.
  10. So you saying with a self ported head and manifolds, with a gutted upper, 3" downpipe with a decent exhust and FMIC you couldn't make 300hp at the flywheel?
  11. See now i myself would rather buy a 2.3lt car for around 4 or 5hundred and then do the swap somehow. i am going to save up that much, so by the begining of summer i can but the parts car, and in the middle of summer do the swap. but i havent yet seen a turbo car for nething less then a grand. i am willing to travel country wide to find one too. any suggestions on where to look