what to do first???/

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  1. ive been wanting to get some more mods for my stang, so far which include an x-pipe, and dual flowmasters. now its time for some more ****, but i dont have enough money for everyting i want, so i want so input about what u guys tink should come first. i can either get sound system, rims and tires, new suspension, or motor mods. the four options would cost relativly the same, anywhere from 900-1300, i just cant decide what to do first. any input would be apreciated, thanxx!!!1
  2. First thing that I would do is an intake and a tune. Then gears and a limited slip differential.

    Dual exhaust is nice, but not necessarily a performance enhancer.

    You will immediately feel the difference with a tune, intake, gears, and a LSD.

  3. looking back, I'd have to agree ....

    Duals were my first major mod - but aside from the satisfaction of finally getting them on and the look - they didn't do much for the Pony's giddy-up.

    on the other hand, the Ford T-lok was the best thing that I've added so far. :nice:

    (I still cant believe that these aren't standard on all Mustangs /// Ford is crazy!)
  4. yea, come to think of it, i would really want a posi in there first, before anything. but aside from that, u guys think a cai and tune would be good? my stang is manual btw, dunno if it matters...
  5. yes, tune first. it really wakes up the car.

    here is my motto:


    going fast is looking good. :nice:
  6. i know this is gonna sound fairly puss of me but what kind of milage on gas do you lose if you get a tune upgrade? does it get any better with a cai? and do you should u wait till u get all ur engine mods to get a tune?