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  1. Well I got my Christmas gift from my dad and it's a nice chunk of cash. I'm interested in what you guys think should be the next step on my stang. I'm either going to do the exhaust with BBK LTs, H-pipe and SLP Loud Mouth exhaust, or the suspension with HR springs, adjustable shocks, rear upper/lower control arms and CC plates. What would you guys do if you were in my shoes? Thanks for the ideas and Merry Christmas to you all!
  2. Id personally rather people hear me before they see me. Id go with the full exhaust. What else is done to your car? Do you have a programmer yet?
  3. SLP FTW!! I know alot of people here dont like it but ts pure sex to me!
  4. The exhaust was my first choice too, I have a programmer, BBK CAI, 4:10 gears, a Spec stage 2 clutch and aluminum fly wheel.
  5. Yeah do the exhaust! It will go good with what you have done. Then do the suspension!! Id lower it, CC plates, Upper and lower rear control arms, and depending on how quick you can do front tubular control arms, Go ahead and refresh the front end with new polyurethane bushings, ball joints, tie rod ends, and all new spring isolators unless new ones are coming with your new springs. Your going to have to have an alignment done anyways when you lower it. So go ahead and drop either new front control arms or replace all the bushings and ball joints!
  6. It's on the list to do, but I waiting on the cams I ordered to come in.
  7. IMO, I would do the tubular k member the same time you do the long tubes. With the qa1 you can keep the stock control arms and springs and not hurt your budget too much. It will save you tuns of aggravation.
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