What to do, what to do?

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  1. I've been stuck on this decision for months. Put yourself in my position: Your 18 and about to go to college. You have a '95 explorer nearing 100,000 miles and a '67 mustang. The mustang is cool and all, but its not a good daily driver for obvious reasons (gas mileage, reliability, etc.), and if I wanna go fast, it would be more effecient to just buy a used LS1 or Cobra. And the explorer could be nearing several problems because of the high mileage. Some possible options are:
    sell both and get either a used c5 vette or used '03 cobra
    Fix any potential problems with the explorer, and try to make the mustang more reliable
    Sell the explorer and put AOD and fuel injection and all that modern stuff in the mustang
    Sell both and get a newer truck and a rusted out stang and do it all over again
    sell them both, buy a used pinto, and save the $$$..haha...not!
    What would you do?
    Thanks for your opinions

    One thing to consider: in 2001 I got a nada print out of the value of my car, it was $10,000. In late 2003, I got the same thing and it was $12,500. Basically rising about $1000 a year. Thats nice to know, but what good is that at all if I'm not selling it? On the other hand, if I keep it for 10 more years, then it should be worth $22,000, but by then I'll be a old fart anyway and it wont matter..haha...So many options :shrug:

  2. I say sell the Explorer, fix anything questionable on the stang, then set it up with overdrive, EFI, and maybe some more modern safety features and conveniences. If you go through it good, wiring and all then no worries about reliability just because its old. Now if it was me and I could afford though I'd get an 03 Mach 1 instead of a Cobra then use any spare to spruce up the power numbers a little. And I wouldnt expect to get near 12,500 for the car though....book values may sound good....but arent very realistic most of the time.
  3. Hey, don't knock Pintos! I had a 71 that could take on some V8s. As for "old farts", you'll only be 28? I'm 50+ and have the best Stang I ever had.
  4. How many times are you going to post this question ?
  5. I didn't have a car freshman year of college, it taught me a lot about being resourceful and appreciating having one (now). If you have the money, get whatever is most reliable for yourself, and remember that most college students dont leave notes when they hit your car :nonono:
  6. You must have a lot more money to go to college with if you are thinking of buying either of these cars. I think once you see what the payments and insurance will cost you then these will no longer be an option. When I was 23 I wanted to buy a low milage 85 corvette, nothing terribly special, but a nice well cared for car. The asking price was $10K, but the insurance for me with a clean driving record was $2500 a year. While you are in college, either keep the explorer or sell it and get some cheapie econo-bucket. Keep the stang if it is that nice and store it while you are away. I wouldnt take that to college though.
  7. This will be the last time, I will come up with a conclusion soon.