what to do with my car

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  1. well i recently swapped the 86 svo motor in it and it runs great, smokes a lil bit and is moody everynow and then but other than that runs great. The problem is the body. It has 213,000 miles on it and is fallin apart. Both doors sag, turn signals and reverse lights dont work, driverside window is on/off track( i gotta help it along in the right direction) body is out of line( hood and fenders i wrecked it pretty good bout a year ago) passenger fender and door fudged up where my buddy backed into it with his camaro( damn chevy driver lol) oh yea power steerin doesnt work( i think the rack and pinion is gone, has a new pump and lines) oh yea the map light doesnt work and the ashtray lid is gone. Im wonderin if i should gut this car and just drag the hell out of it, i was also wonderin how hard it would be to get say an 84 turbo t-bird (no motor, blown motor it doesnt matter) and put my motor in it( put all new seals and maybe a lil head work) w/ the front mount cooler and big vam and have a really off the wall sleeper car or get a nice mustang body say 87-90 coupe 5 speed and swap the motor into that or just to say the hell with it andsell the motor and try to get a lil money back out of the car which would be kinda hard considerin my blood and sweat and time went into it and it is my first car that i bout and did everything to myself. im in cali right now workin and should have around 1-2 grand when i get back im open to opinions and ideas lata
  2. If you really love this car, here are some ideas:

    Fiberglass front fenders and hood(pref. used=eBay)
    New door pins to fix the doors(5.0resto)
    Junkyard door to fix bang up
    Hope its not the rear fender thats hit(sounds like it is) get it popped out
    Leave the bling behind and go rat rod:
    Black primer and a flame job and white pin-striping
    Polish up all the aluminum under your hood, make it all super clean
    and don't forget the Von Dutch flying eyeball on your decklid! :nice:

    The 50's are back! There has'nt been this much black primer rollin' around in fifty years!
  3. lol

    well its already black primer what about the wiring probs any ideas on that
  4. I'm not to expierienced with electrical, I would say get a Chilton manual and look over the wiring diagrams and trace the wires for problems with some type of electrical tester.
    Hopefully someone like 351wcoupe will chime in, if I remember right he just passed the ASE cert. for automotive electrical.
  5. i say find a better car and swap the motor to it... it will cost a lot less in the long run... JMO
  6. I agree. I think it would save you some headaches in the future. Just look for someone who blew there motor etc and doesn't want a lot for it.