What to do with raw 99-01 cobra wheels

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  1. I have a set of 99-01 cobra wheels that I picked up from work (we make them). They are forged wheels...but instead of having the normal polish to them, they are raw (no paint, clear or polish) with only a bright machine cut on the front face.

    I really dont feel like putting the time or effort (or money) into polishing them...so how do you guys think they would look with some type of argent painted window with the current bright machined face? They truly would be unique...as they are not bright machined nor painted as production models.

    Any other ideas that would look good would be appreciated too....thanks!
  2. throw up some pics
  3. :D

    Give them to me
  4. I'll see if I can get some pics up tonight. These are not the cast/painted versions of the wheel...but rather the forged/polished (without the polish of course).

    It’s a bit unusual starting off with a raw canvas with a wheel. There is nothing to strip or sand off…and no damage to fix. What to do…what to do!
  5. Bah...your mom!!! :D
  6. I think we need pics to see what they look like now to give you some ideas
  7. Millhouse. I would machine the face and paint the pockets charcoal. Make them look like factory 03-04 Cobra wheels. That would be different.
  8. eBay them and say they are some RARE model! you could make a killin'...
  9. That’s along the lines that I was thinking.

    Bahhh!!!! I’ll just have to come up with a certificate of authenticity now! :D
  10. Well, make this into a progress thread. I would like to see what you come up with.
  11. Alright, here are a couple of low res pics of the wheels.


  12. Better yet, powdercoat the pockets the color of your car and machine the face to look factory. That would be SIIICK and no one else would have anything like it.

    Forged eh? Are the Ford OE wheels forged? I figured they'd be cast...

    What company do you work for?
  13. Powdercoating them would be sweet...but that would require me to re-machine the front face which seems like it would be uber money.

    The wheels are OEM Ford forged. The 99 cobra wheels were cast wheels that were painted (made by a different company) while the 01's were made by us (Alcoa) and were forged. We are currentl doing the 20" shelby wheels as well (again forged). We actually do a lot more high end buisness (Lambo, Techart, Aston Martin etc.) than ever. :nice:
  14. Hard to judge the surface finish...how is it? Would they polish?

    I'd polish the outer edge and paint the inside circles
  15. The surface finish on the windows is SUPER smooth. The discoloration is caused from the forging process itself along with some die lube buildup. The entire wheel would absolutely polish, but I was trying to keep the front face with the bright machined look....otherwise what I'd end up with is a OEM 01 cobra wheel.