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  1. More stuff

    I noticed you have a Midget too!
    I have a couple of Austin Healeys...we need to talk!
    Let me know if you need turbo-coupe parts cheap.
    I am parting an 87 that I bought for the drivetrainfor an 85 Mustang coupe!
    P.S. I've had wives want to kill me many times..it always turns out O.K.!
  2. I wouldn't worry too much about all the electronic stuff...my car has 150K on it and the only thing that's really gone out on it was the factory ABS setup, so I had to swap to vac assisted brakes (not a huge deal).

    BTW- if that factory equalizer isn't broken yet, expect it to, because they are notorious for that.
  3. Nice trade! I like the turbocoupe, but the one i bought for the motor was a total rustbucket. Not worth anything as a car..

    I didnt know so many people had MG's on here. This makes what??? 4-5 people?

  4. the MG is a fun car, As I tell the people that stop me to look at it(happened 3 times the first day I had the car) Its the most fun you will ever have in a car under 65mph.
    And the turbo coupes sterio, heck I dont even know if it works. Nor do I care becouse thats one of the first non preformance parts getting replaced.
  5. Yup, mine tops out at about 85, but it handles like its on rails. People ask me why i dont swap a V8 in, and i always tell em that it will ruin the handling, and the Feel fast as they are. My MG was my DD all though HS, and my first year of college. Many people thought i was insane for driving such a small car.. they just dont get it..

  6. Make sure you check out the FAQ on NATO (www.turbotbird.com) before you do that. When you put in an aftermarket stereo you have to toss the equalizer and the factory amp, and do some other stuff...there's a whole writeup about it in the articles there though.
  7. Ya At 75mph it feels like 110! Its fun to tool around town in, and I never got the amount of attention in my modded bright red mustang vert that I get in a stock musterd yellow 1.1l powered MGB. I think this car is more fun than the vert. Now The turbo coupe will be legal next week. I think it my trump the MGB.