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Oct 7, 2019
Lynchburg Va
Hey folks, new to the forum here. I just purchased a 1965 Mustang Convertible and not sure what to do and not to do. That car is all original with the exception of one repaint. Original top, and all interior. the rear window isnt as clear as i would like based on the near perfect condition of the car so i am having that replaced. My question is what would be concidered a mistake here. This car will be a suprise for my wifes 50th bday and will be an occasional rider and occasional show here and there. Based on here talking about these cars for the last 24 years I dont feel she would ever sell it. That being said, the return on some of what i do is not a concern. I just cant stand the thought of ruining this prestine car. I like the look of some I have seen with a set of tourque thrust wheels, and maybe some dress up stuff under the hood (tastefully done). I also like the idea of upgrading the interior to the two tone red and white pony interior. The car is red and has solid white interior and red carpet. Please help with some thoughts here.
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Mar 26, 2011
First thing I would do was check the suspension and brakes to make sure everything is good. Gotta make sure its safe to drive. Dress up stuff is nice just remember to save the stuff you do take off in case you do sell it and the next owner would like the original items. But first and foremost, if you are buying it for your wife, don't make any drastic changes without her input. But most importantly remember its your car build it how you want to and have fun with it.
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May 17, 2018
Enterprise AL
I agree with freshening up the running gear. Whether its original or not if it's got busted springs, bad struts, and dangerous breaks that's a no go. I'm not saying your car has any of those things, but that would be the first thing I would look at. As for the top do what ever it needs. If you replace it just make sure to get a good quality one. Cheapest is not necessarily the best option for the top if the car is in really good shape. That top might be original, but if so it must have spent a lot of time inside and the previous owner must have taken immaculate car of it! Interior, well if it's original and in very good shape you could remove it and store it. That's if you want to change it out for something more appealing to you. I have to agree with shoelessjoe on not making any drastic changes without the wife's input if it is going to be her car. She wont mind you making it safe to drive though!


Sep 30, 2006
Nashville TN
I am going to give this advice: Classic cars(cars in general actually) are a horrible investment unless its a very rare model, you will never get your money back out of them. Inflation and maintenance/repairs/modification alone will steal any profit you think you are making if you hold on to the car for more than a couple years...the longer you hold on to a car, the harder it is to get your money back out of it. That being said, what you do to the car should be a question you ask your wife if you bought the car for her....what you want to do to it is pretty much irrelevant, let your wife decide what she wants done to it(if anything)...until then I would just fix things that are wrong with it.